Expats In Ho Chi Minh City - David Minetti

Expats In Ho Chi Minh City: David, France

Name: David Minetti Occupation: Owner of K1 Fitness & Fight Factory, Vanguard International Protection and WAR Adventures | Private military consultant Nationality: French Overseas since: 2002 Could you name some...
Co-Space Coworking Space

CO-SPACE: Meet The Team Behind Vietnam’s First Women’s Coworking Space

Creating community in online and offline spaces is always a challenge. How do you find your niche? How do you stand out in the...
Expats In Ho Chi Minh City - Carlo Anzon

Expats In Ho Chi Minh City: Carlo, Italy

Name: Carlo Anzon Occupation: Retired Nationality: Italian Overseas since: in Vietnam since 1990 Can you name some of the countries you've lived in since leaving the place where...


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E-commerce in Vietnam

Vietnam’s Ecommerce Industry Begins Digital Ascent

When looking at current data trends of smartphones, Facebook, online user penetration and the expanding frontiers of an Internet-fueled middle class, it comes of...
Vietnam’s beverage industry

Why Vietnamese Consumers Spend More On Drinks Than Food

It’s a well-established fact that Vietnam consumes a huge amount of beer annually. In fact, it's near the top in Asia in terms of...

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Condoms in Vietnam

What To Know About Buying Condoms In Vietnam

Condoms are a simple and popular method of protection, but in Vietnam they still carry considerable stigma due to perceived association with indecency and...
Vietnamese Passport

A Guide For Applying And Obtaining A Vietnamese Passport

In continuing our coverage of most-asked legal and business questions in Vietnam, Ken Duong from Duong Global Business Consulting shares his team’s insights about...
Vietnamese Passport

Seven Reasons To Obtain Vietnamese Citizenship

In a new series we feature insights from Duong Global Business Consulting Group, a business and legal services firm specializing in U.S. – ASEAN multilateral...
The Artfolio coworking cafe

Coworking Spaces You Need To Know In Ho Chi Minh City

The entrepreneur community in Vietnam is one that’s rapidly growing, and with that comes an increasing amount of startups. Often times, working at a...
Megan Ly

Living In Ho Chi Minh City: My First Two Weeks

It's not an easy task. Immersing yourself in the culture of a new country and also feel at home at the same time. The...