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Welcome to Vietcetera!

We’re a consortium of artists, writers, designers, photographers, musicians, technologists, and business people dedicated to a fresh look at an evolving Vietnam.

Vietcetera seeks to find the untold human stories of the people that are contributing to a new, modern Vietnam. From design to business to architecture to film. We want to both give a new and youthful take on Vietnam that both local and foreigners can appreciate.

At the same time, Vietcetera provides practical information and guidance on how to navigate Vietnam’s mysterious waters. This includes basic things like finding top notch restaurants and discovering the best places to stay in Vietnam.


Hao Tran

Hao leads editorial production and business at Vietcetera. A Northern Californian native, he now works at an investment firm in Saigon. He’s previously lived in San Francisco, New York City, London, and Bombay. He loves to take roadtrips, cycle, and write in his free time.

Guy Truong

Guy leads our technical and website initiatives. The original lead conceptualizing Vietcetera, he recruited the other three founders to join the team. From Belgium, he has lived in Vietnam for nearly 10 years building various companies specializing in content marketing and search engine analytics.

Anh-Minh Do

Minh has spent the last 8 years in the startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia as a journalist and venture capitalist. He spends most of his waking hours thinking about where Vietnam is headed next and believes in the growing modern underbelly of Vietnam’s new educated class.

Tam Nguyen

Tam joins us an operating partner with his expertise in food & beverage and hospitality. In a previous life he worked at market research firm Nielsen.

Writing Philosophy

All the content that you find on Vietcetera is 100% written genuinely out of interest for the brands, people, and companies that are featured on our website.