Clément is a 22 year old Frenchman who’s been working in Ho Chi Minh for 2 years. He currently works as a business development manager at a commercial home improvement group.

We had the chance to meet and learn about his working experience in Saigon.

Location: Ho Chi Minh City
Hometown: Saint-Brieuc, Bretagne, France
Current gig: Business Development at Delabie

What does your morning routine look like?

3 times a week, I wake up at 6am, I do a sort of yoga or tai chi, focusing on breathing exercises and stretching. I listen to some relaxing music. I spend some time on my phone, something I shouldn’t do.

After that I go for breakfast: milk, oatmeal, banana. Then I take a shower and head off to work.

How do you stay on top of your tasks?

Focus on my well-being. To me, it’s the most important, feeling good. Enjoy a sporting activity, relax, eat well, go out of town from time to time, listen and play music, meet friends, play games (videogames or cards) to think about something else.

To know what tasks to focus on, I prioritize. Covey’s Time Management Quadrant help set the process for how I prioritize.

What’s your favorite spot to get stuff done in Saigon?

There are a lot. But I can say Nest by AIA or Une Journée à Paris that I love for having a nice cafe or lunch.

When in the day are you the most productive ?

In the morning. There is a range of 4 to 5 hours when I’m really productive.

What’s your best tip for saving time?

To delegate.

What tips to delegate well?

Find the right person, a trusted one. Communication is important.

How do you keep yourself healthy?

Sport and sleep. Sleep is really important to me. I am still young so I sleep 8-9 hours per night.

Concerning sport, I go to the gym. But I also swim and climb when I have time.

How do you wind down in the evening?

When I’m home, I always put in the background relaxing music or a video/podcast about business or other learning field.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

Be persistent.

Can you recommend one book on self-help or productivity?

Rich Dad Poor Dad, Robert T. Kiyosaki and The 4-Hour Workweek, Timothy Ferriss.

How do you keep your motivation up in tough times?

Remember the objective. Take time to rest and come back to the problem a bit later.

What new skills are you learning and why?

Digital Marketing. It’s a large component of a business activity that I’m looking to launch.