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Vietcetera seeks to find the untold human stories of the people that are contributing to a new, modern Vietnam. From design to business to architecture to film. We want to offer a new take on Vietnam that both locals and foreigners can appreciate. We are an independent publication with an online and offline presence.

Our Team

Here at Vietcetera, we’re ambitious. We set crazy goals and we chase them relentlessly. We also have a lot of fun. We love poker nights, boat cruises on the Saigon river, and team dinners.

Kalvin Lam

Brown University
Digital Content Intern 2017

“Working at Vietcetera is eye-opening. From my ambitious co-workers to my talented, creative managers, I feel like I'm in an environment where I'm able to develop and grow.”

Johan Louedec

Operations Manager

“Work in Vietcetera is everything about discovery. Discover a universe that the brand wants to create and build everyday. Discover a new Vietnam. Discover great people. Discover new skills and discover yourself.”

Duc Phan

San Jose State University
Digital Content Intern 2017

“Working at Vietcetera gave me a chance to understand better about a new and growing Vietnam. My managers make sure to give you a freedom of creativity, which helps you to work on your best interests.”

Megan Ly

Brown University
Digital Content Intern 2017

“Vietcetera is a great place for me to thrive and challenge myself. Working with diverse thinkers, creatives and innovators is a fully enriching experience.”

Jenny Nguyen

Colgate University
Digital Content Intern 2017

“My favorite thing about Vietcetera is how open and informal the working environment is. I always felt comfortable asking for advice and feedback from my co-workers, and I really grew professionally over the course of my internship.”


We’re hiring! Internships and full-time positions below.


Community Outreach Intern (Ho Chi Minh City)

Digital Content Intern (Ho Chi Minh City)


Graphic Designer (Ho Chi Minh City)

Motion Graphic Designer (Ho Chi Minh City)

Video Producer (Ho Chi Minh City)

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Barista – (6 positions available)