In a report from Mizuho, one of Japan’s largest banking conglomerates, it indicates the amount of money Japan is investing into Southeast Asia. This is becoming increasingly visible with Japanese involvement in Vietnam’s infrastructure, from airports to metro systems to roads. In multiple industries, we also see Japanese corporates and venture capital betting on Vietnamese companies or taking major stakes in the companies. The chart below though, puts all of this into perspective.

Japan's FDI toward the ASEAN

Where does Vietnam stand in relation to bigger countries like the Philippines and Indonesia, or smaller countries like Malaysia and Thailand in the greater Southeast Asian region? It’s interesting to note that despite Thailand and Indonesia’s decline in investment, Vietnam still doesn’t receive as much in total. As the report indicates, this is due to a reduction in investment in transportation equipment in both those countries and an increase in transportation equipment investment in Vietnam. And well, Malaysia remains one of Southeast Asia’s anomalies.