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Aug 02, 2017

36 Hours In Hoi An

You can spend anywhere between a few hours to a few weeks in Hoi An and still find new places to explore and foods to try.

36 Hours In Hoi An

36 Hours In Hoi An

You can spend anywhere between a few hours to a few weeks in Hoi An and still find new places to explore and foods to try. Hoi An’s Ancient Town is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites a must-see destination in Vietnam. Surrounded by architecture as old as the 15th century and classic paper lanterns, Hoi An is both historical and scenic. Central Vietnam mien trung is celebrated for being the home of some of the best Vietnamese dishes.

How to get there

By Plane: There are frequent flights every day to Da Nang from most large cities in Vietnam. The flight takes about an hour from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and are around 900,000 to 1.5 million VND with VietJet Air. In many cases, VietJet Air is consistent with its pricing, so you can even book a few days before leaving without a price hike. If you book in advance, you can snag a seat on a better-rated airline, such as Vietnam Airlines for a good deal.

By Train: The Vietnam Railway system also transports individuals almost anywhere in Vietnam. The train, in fact, has more stations than there are airlines, so if you are coming from a less central location a train could be a good idea.

Da Nang to Hoi An takes about 40 minutes of driving by bus or taxi, which can cost 200,000 to 400,000 VND. If you are staying Da Nang, you can even hire a driver to take you from Da Nang or Hoi An to take you around to sites and restaurants on your own schedule. Many taxi drivers will offer you this service for much cheaper than a tour, around 500,000 – 1 million VND. More reliably, you can hire a driver from driving services such as free time Danang for a standard price and will likely be able to request an English speaking driver who might be a useful local guide.

By bus: You can arrive at Hoi An from almost any city in Vietnam, the price will vary from 100,000 – 300,000. Instead of stopping in Da Nang, you can go directly to Hoi An by going by bus.

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Where to Stay

Hoi An has a wide selection of hotels, homestays, and hostels available for visitors. From $5 a night to 5-star hotel, you will be able to find any type of lodging you are looking for.

For an unqualified affair, many visitors recommend the Hoi An Silk Marina Resort. With a private beach, extravagant breakfast service, and luxurious hotel rooms, the resort covers amenity a visitor would like to enjoy. The resort is a convenient 10-minute walk to the old town and even provides bikes you can borrow for free to explore the area. You can enjoy benefits of staying in a resort, like the in-house spa and oasis swimming pool, while also lodging near the central old town.

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If you are looking for an experience that resembles how locals in Hoi An live, consider staying in a homestay. Many homestays in Hoi An are inexpensive and located in the cultural center of the town. It’s an immersive experience that can help you learn about local customs or practice speaking Vietnamese if you’d like.

Loc Phat Homestay, situated near shopping, beach and restaurants, is a great value for travelers. It features a cute garden and each room has a terrace. The hosts are known to be welcoming as they open their home up for you. While this homestay isn’t directly in the old town, it is conveniently located near the beach.

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Getting Around

There are many tours available that will take you to Hoi An’s fish market, ancient town and other landmarks. You can also rent a bike and drive to these destinations on your own time. The streets are not nearly as busy as in large cities and you’ll be able to park and go to the beach, ruins, or temples and stay as long as you like. A rental motorbike will cost around 200,000 VND a day. Your lodging might also offer bicycles to rent or borrow that you can take around town.

Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An’s old town is extremely well-preserved and composed of architecture dating back several centuries. It is a great place to learn about history, visit handcraft artisan shops, and take a boat ride on the river. It is a very popular tourist destination, fortunately, car and motorbikes are not allowed into the town, giving it a more peaceful atmosphere compared to bustling Vietnamese cities like Hanoi or Saigon.

While visiting, you can visit the Japanese Covered Bridge which is a sight itself, but also a great place to catch the sunset over the river. Constructed in the 1590’s by a Japanese community, the bridge is a lovely highlight of Hoi An that illustrates the multi-ethnic history of Vietnam. At night, the river that runs under that bridge reflects the glowing lanterns that are emblematic of Hoi An. You can take a boat ride for about 200,000 VND for a half an hour and additionally light paper lanterns that you can place on the river to float. A stroll or boat ride through Hoi An’s Ancient Town can be a very romantic for couples and relaxing for a family trip.

Custom Tailored Clothing

Hoi An is known far and wide as a home for skilled tailors, who have a 24-hour turnaround on custom made clothing. You can bring in pictures of styles of dresses and suits or choose from their clothing samples. Popular tailor shops are Kimmy and Yaly Couture known for their attention-to-detail and very fair prices. A custom suit will cost from anywhere from $80-350, depending on the material such linen, cashmere, or wool. Dresses are around $20-50 also depending on material and complexity. Clothes that are personally styled and fitted for you can be an absolutely satisfying luxury.

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Visit the Beach

Beaches in Southeast Asia are warm and An Bang beach is a powerful one. Hoi An’s beach has strong waves and tons of excitement onshore as well. Join locals and tourists alike in taking in sunshine, waves, and street food. With culture, fashion, and a beach all in one area, Hoi An can be a treat for almost anyone. Hoi An is also within driving distance of Da Nang’s beaches.

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Where to Eat

Hoi An serves some of the most authentic Central Vietnamese foods. With flavors and cooking styles unique to the region, try some of Hoi An’s premiere dishes. Additionally, many restaurants in Hoi An offer cooking classes that teach you how to prepare traditional Vietnamese foods.

  • Miss Ly Café – a famous casual dining spot in Hoi An. It has an extensive menu of diverse foods including grilled fish, white rose dumplings, and papaya salad. Location: 22 Nguyen Hue Street, Hoi An.
  • Morning Glory Restaurant – located near the market in Hoi An Ancient Town, the restaurant focuses on traditional foods and street foods. Morning Glory also has a great selection of vegetarian options. Location: 106 Ð Nguyen Thai Hoc, Hoi An.
  • Home Hoi An Vietnamese Restaurant – a slightly upscale dining option that serve oysters and duck salad appetizers and a variety of traditional and modern Vietnamese dishes. Location: 112 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street.
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