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Nov 25, 2023

7 Reasons Why Singapore Changi Airport Is A Destination In Itself

Singapore Changi Airport ensures a seamless journey for Vietnamese travelers with tailored services, including four Vietnamese-speaking shopping concierges, making every moment memorable.
7 Reasons Why Singapore Changi Airport Is A Destination In Itself

Singapore Changi Airport, managed and operated by the Changi Airport Group, goes beyond being a mere stopover; it’s a destination in itself. | Source: Changi Airport Group

Singapore Changi Airport, a global benchmark in aviation excellence, is reshaping the travel experience for Vietnamese travelers heading to Singapore or transiting through. With a stellar reputation as the world’s premier airport, Changi stands as a symbol of seamless connectivity and unparalleled service.

In 2023, over 1.84 million Vietnamese travelers chose Changi, marking a remarkable 91% recovery from pre-pandemic levels. Terminal 2’s recent reopening is a testament to Changi’s commitment to providing a world-class environment. T2’s expansion, encompassing an additional 15,500 square meters, positions Changi to serve an additional five million passengers annually. The design, inspired by nature and coupled with cutting-edge technology, reflects a commitment to setting new standards in travel infrastructure.

Recognizing the importance of catering to Vietnamese travelers, Changi ensures seamless connectivity with 131 weekly flights to Singapore (and the rest of the world) through five major airlines — Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air, Pacific Airlines, Scoot, and Singapore Airlines — that connect to the three major destinations in Vietnam: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Danang.

The introduction of a Vietnamese-speaking shopping concierge service further demonstrates the airport’s dedication to enhancing the travel experience. This service is more than assistance; it’s a tailored experience, providing guidance and exclusive discounts for Vietnamese travelers navigating Changi’s expansive offerings. It’s not just about the journey; it’s about making every moment at Changi Airport a distinctive and memorable part of the overall travel experience.

Singapore Changi Airport, managed and operated by the Changi Airport Group, goes beyond being a mere stopover; it’s a destination in itself. Here are seven reasons Singapore Changi Airport is more than just a place to catch a plane. Experience how your journey transforms into something special at Changi, so you’ll choose to stay longer the next time you visit “Garden City” or transit through it.

World-Class Shopping

Singapore Changi Airport isn’t just an airport; it’s a shopping paradise waiting for you. Picture this – a city of shops right inside the airport, offering everything from trendy clothes to unique souvenirs. Whether you’re into high-end fashion or want to grab some cool snacks from the candy shops, Changi Airport has got you covered.

The Shilla at Singapore Changi Airport’s T3 | Source: The Shilla Duty Free

And here’s a little insider tip: according to Jake Nguyen, one of the four Vietnamese shopping concierges, Vietnamese visitors are known for being big spenders. They have a flair for luxury and often indulge in items like perfumes, liquor, and their favorite, Chanel. These savvy shoppers know exactly what they want and can spend hours exploring the shopping wonderland that Changi Airport is. From BULGARI to Tiffany & Co. to Swarovski, treat yourself to something unique and timeless while awaiting your departure.

Culinary Delights

No need to fret about getting hungry after your shopping spree – Changi Airport is more than ready to satisfy your taste buds. Imagine indulging in Japanese ramen at IPPUDO EXPRESS, savoring London’s Burger & Lobster, or experiencing Latin American flavors at TONITO. Local delights like dim sum at Tim Ho Wan and Singaporean classics at Violet Oon add a touch of familiarity.

And guess what? Even if you’re short on time, trendy cafes in Jewel Changi Airport and different terminals offer quick bites like Japanese souffles and Hong Kong-style egg tarts. When the night falls, enjoy outdoor dining at HUB & SPOKE CAFE in Terminal 2 with a mix of local and Western dishes. Plus, if hunger strikes at odd hours, rely on 24-hour spots at whichever terminal you’re passing through. Changi Airport has got you covered, even for vegan and vegetarian options.

Jewel: The Heart of Changi

Changi Airport didn’t just get bigger; it got fascinating when they decided to make Jewel, a super captivating place connected to the airport. The idea was to make Changi Airport more famous and a must-visit spot for travelers. Picture this: gardens, fun things to do, shops, yummy food, a hotel, and everything cleverly tucked under a massive glass and steel dome that’s seriously impressive.

The heart of Changi, Jewel. | Source: CapitaLand

Changi Airport teamed up with CapitaLand, another innovative Singaporean company, to make this happen. And here’s the best part – Jewel isn’t hidden away; it’s there for everyone, not just travelers but also people living nearby. Even if you’re just stopping over on your journey, you can check out Jewel, but make sure you have around 5 hours to really enjoy it. Changi Airport isn’t just an airport; it’s a whole experience, and Jewel is like its lively heart.

The Rain Vortex Spectacle

Get ready to be amazed at Changi Airport with the Rain Vortex – a giant indoor waterfall that’s the talk of the town. Right at the heart of Jewel Changi Airport, this colossal waterfall, the world’s biggest indoors, is like a magical centerpiece surrounded by loads of shops and places to eat. It starts seven stories high and looks like a fantastic wormhole, making the water flow truly captivating.

Now, here’s the extra cool part – the Rain Vortex transforms into a mesmerizing light show at night, making it even more magical. The best time to catch all this magic is in the evening when they put on the light show. It’s lively and buzzing during this time, making your visit even more awesome. If you’re planning a trip to Singapore, pop by the Rain Vortex between 11 AM and 10 PM on weekdays and 10 AM and 10 PM on weekends and holidays. Don’t miss the light shows on selected days at 8 PM, 9 PM, and 10 PM. Spend 30-45 minutes taking it all in and snapping some cool pics to show off your Singapore adventure. This is just one more reason why Changi Airport is way more than just an airport – it’s a whole experience.

Changi Experience Studio

Step into a world of excitement and discovery at Changi Experience Studio, right in the heart of Jewel Changi Airport. It’s not just an ordinary spot—it’s a digital wonderland where you can have a blast with cool projection experiences, interactive games, and mind-blowing shows. And get this – it’s the first place of its kind, mixing tech magic with insights into how airports like Changi tick.

This place isn’t just for kids — it’s for anyone up for a good time. | Source: Jewel Changi Airport

Ready for a journey that’s part fun, part learning? At Changi Experience Studio, you can explore 20 interactive touchpoints in 10 different zones. Learn about Changi’s story, see behind-the-scenes airport stuff, and play games that make you feel like you’re running the show. This place isn’t just for kids — it’s for anyone up for a good time. But there’s more: Changi Experience Studio spills the secrets behind Changi Airport’s success. It’s not just a showcase of cool tech; it’s also got programs for adults and students to dive deep into how Changi Airport is managed and how it keeps pushing the boundaries. So, next time you’re in Changi, don’t miss this — there’s more to it than planes taking off and landing.

Revolutionary Technology

Embark on a journey where cutting-edge technology meets seamless travel at Changi Airport. Revolutionize your airport experience with the latest in-terminal technology, elevating every step of your journey from check-in to baggage handling and beyond.

Automated Immigration Lanes | Source: Changi Airpor Group

Picture this: smart check-in systems that simplify and speed up the start of your adventure. No more long queues or hassle—just a smooth beginning to your travel tale. As you wander through the airport, innovative technology is at play in every corner, making your experience not just efficient but enjoyable.

Baggage handling gets a tech upgrade, too, ensuring your belongings are taken care of with precision and care. From the moment you step into Changi Airport, embrace a travel experience where revolutionary technology seamlessly integrates with every aspect.

Holiday Spirit at Changi Festive Village

Experience the enchantment of this year’s Christmas season at Changi Festive Village, where Changi Airport transforms into a festive haven for travelers year-round. Beyond its role as an airport, Changi celebrates various occasions such as the Lunar New Year, Halloween, Christmas, and more, offering thematic events that cater to all kinds of travelers. This commitment to creating a joyful atmosphere sets Changi apart as more than just a transit point.

Changi Festive Village, in particular, is a treat for families during this season of giving. The Candy Wonderland invites visitors into a world of sweet whimsy, the Candy Carnival brings thrills with games and rides, and the Candy Snow House offers a delightful winter wonderland with enchanting ice sculptures and snow slides – a perfect setting for creating treasured holiday memories. With roving performances, meet-and-greets with Santa, and festive marching bands parading through the heart of the village, Changi Festive Village promises an immersive and joyful experience for all.