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A Day With Nature: These Outdoor Camping Locations Are Perfect For The Holiday

Camping is a chance for you to leave the city, toss your phones aside, immerse in nature and enjoy a beautiful time with friends and family.
A Day With Nature: These Outdoor Camping Locations Are Perfect For The Holiday

Source: Hân Nguyễn for Vietcetera

Outdoor camping is an opportunity for us to toss our phones aside and fully enjoy nature. In this age and time when people, especially the young ones, follow a hectic pace, camping is also a chance to slow down and truly bond with family and friends while embracing the natural beauty of the earth.

If you’re looking for places that are fully equipped with great services and utilities, and is generally safe, here are four camping locations you can visit this long weekend or any day actually. So, pick up your backpack and head there to explore.

CampArt by #MợJen

Bắc Âu Tent. | Source: CampArt by #MợJen
  • Hidden under the pine forest next to a lake, CampArt is an isolated camping area built in the midst of mountains and forests of Dalat.
  • At first, the campground was set up modestly with small tents, no flooring and no electricity. However, since October 2020, CampArt has been ‘upgraded’ with more amenities, including: high-class tents made of dense and sturdy fabrics, and a bar for guests to prepare drinks.
Wine truck. | Source: CampArt by #MợJen
  • They have tents suitable for groups of 2 to 12 people.
  • The “owner” takes good care of the guests with a quality menu for each meal, with various European-style dishes (eg. steak) as well, and the price is included in the tent rental.
  • Recommended experience: watching sunrise in the early morning through the fog and pine forest.
  • Other activities: meditation, painting, kayaking, etc.
Getting up early in the morning in the fog by the lake. | Source: CampArt by #MợJen


  • The bathroom has not been in operation yet, but is under construction and will be completed soon.

Address: Follow this direction to the location.

Price: About VND 890,000/person/night (including: tent, BBQ dinner, breakfast, coffee, fresh water and juice)

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Source: CampArt by #MợJen


Source: DalatCamp
  • The campground is alluring and peaceful, located in the middle of a valley and surrounded by clear springs.
  • Secluded but easy-to-find location, with a paved entrance road which is suitable for both cars and motorbikes to access.
  • The structure of this campground is reasonably and spectacularly designed. Here, visitors can explore the garden, the common stilt house, and the organic vegetable garden.
  • Utilities: Specialized tents which are water-and-wind-resistant, sleeping bags, blankets and mattresses (however, sleeping in tent is always colder than in the house). The bathroom has hot water.
  • They have trekking tours to the garden situated deep inside, about 3km from DalatCamp. The tour will be held when at least 10 people register (tour guide surcharge will be added).
  • This is also the place where singer Amee’s liveshow “Dreamee” was held.
Source: DalatCamp


  • You need to book and confirm at least three days in advance, because sometimes the landlord is not present at the area, or the Camp is closed for maintenance.
  • The location is quite far from the center of Dalat city.
  • Shared bathrooms (men and women separated).
  • Weak phone signal, almost none.
Source: DalatCamp

Items you need to prepare yourself in advance:

  • Personal items
  • Equipment for fishing or swimming underwater (if needed)
  • Rubber boots to wear instead of canvas shoes, since the grass at Camp is often quite wet.
  • Insect repellent (due to the fact that turning on the lights at night in natural areas often attracts insects).

Address: Follow this direction to the location.


  • Tents: from VND 750,000/night for two people
  • BBQ: VND 380,000/two people
  • Campfire: VND 200,000/time
  • Instant noodles: VND 15,000/packet (you will have to cook yourself)
  • Coffee: VND 45,000/cup


LAK Tented Camp

Experience a comfortable and immersive eco-house-tent in the midst of nature. | Source: LAK Tented Camp
  • For 10 years, LAK Tented Camp has been growing trees, coffee farms and Mexican sunflowers forest, taking care of them everyday to transform a barren of Tay Nguyen into a green space.
  • At LAK Tented Camp, you will have a chance to stay in the convenient and cozy eco-house-tent, and safely immerse yourself in nature.
  • Enjoyable fresh dishes including vegetables picked at the garden, fresh fish from the lake, sweet bamboo-cooked-rice and fragrant grilled meat, etc.
  • LAK has all-inclusive packages of activities for 2 days and 1 night (extendable), suitable for families with children. All packages are free for children under 6 year-old.
Fresh ingredients, cooked by professional chefs. | Source LAK Tented Camp

Some activities here:

  • Kayaking or taking a yacht, watching the romantic sunset or going fishing with fishermen on Lak Lake.
  • Cycling around the M’Nong village and learning pottery, tasting cocoa wine and picking coffee.
  • There are customized trekking and outdoor camping activities to meet the guests' requirements.
  • About 2km walk from LAK Tented Camp, past the coffee field, you will have the chance to admire the small Bìm Bịp waterfall - it is also safe to bathe and sunbathe here. Lak also offers lunch right next to the waterfall upon request.
Source: LAK Tented Camp


  • LAK Tented Camp is located about 2 hours drive from Buon Me Thuot city center. As it is situated on an island, you will have to take another 15 minutes for a boat ride to get there.
  • Airport shuttle service is available.

Address: Follow this direction to the location.

Price: From VND 850,000/person/night.

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Camping Sport Đồng Mô

The reason you have to pay for admission tickets at Camping Sport Đồng Mô is for them to pay for security, sanitation as well as maintaining the ecological environment! | Source: Camping Sport Đồng Mô
  • This 3.9ha camping site is located in Đồng Mô tourist area, with a 500ha lake and scattered islands by the lake for travelers to visit and explore.
  • This green space is surrounded by lakes, forests, mountains and fresh air. Most tents have lake views.
  • The location is easy to find, about 40km from Hanoi.
  • Camping Sport Đồng Mô provides tents, necessary equipment and services, and security, so it is very suitable for families and small groups of friends.
  • Fun activities here include renting a yacht to visit Đồng Mô Lake (with tour guide, and life jackets provided), zipline, kayaking, fishing, etc.


  • The campground is often crowded on weekends, so if you want the place all to yourself, come early or go on weekdays.

Address: Follow this direction to the location.


  • Day pass (from 7:00AM to 4:30PM): VND 30,000 for children & VND 60,000 for adult
  • Overnight tickets (from 4:30PM to 12PM of the following day): VND 60,000 for children & VND 120,000 for adult
  • For other services, please refer to the website.

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Besides Camping Sport, there are other two famous campsites at Đồng Mô tourist area: Sơn Tinh Camp and Phượng Island.

If you are adventurous and love to explore new places, you can join the trekking and camping groups in Vietnam to share practical experiences about beautiful camping sites in all parts of the country.

If you want a trip that lives up to your expectations, you also can contact organizations specializing in providing customized camping services.

Going camping on your own is more difficult, but the results are also worth it. | Source: Thành Bản

If you choose to go camping on your own, make sure you are familiar with the place and you're fully prepared for anything that could happen. Asking tips from an experienced camper or tour guide (or going with them!) is highly recommended for your safety.

But there are two important things you need to remember: have the best time of your life with nature; and protect the environment wherever you go!