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A Guide To Hanoi’s Best Sneaker Stores


Sneaker cons. Celebrity collabs. Multi-million dollar resale empires. Collectible kicks have become serious business.

Admittedly, the rarified world of mythically collectible sneakers has little bearing on purchasing decisions of non-sneakerheads. If all you are after are some classic white sneakers to complete your capsule wardrobe, the trip to the store doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

Vietnam’s sneaker shops are well stocked with affordable models by the likes of Nike, Adidas and Vans. Many Vietnamese Millennials and Gen Zers exhibit the same obsession with humble sports shoe as their peers in the West. The coveted limited-edition releases are predominantly bought second- or third-hand, mainly on the internet, but also in chic boutiques or pop-up stores, unceremoniously packaged in plastic wrap.

Whether you are an online shopper craving some brick-and-mortar action for a change or a diehard in-store customer, your hunt for a pair of nice sneakers has just become easier with Vietcetera’s list of Hanoi’s top sneaker shops.

The Hype Collector

Hypebeast-inspired fashion mecca for the Vietnamese youth, The Hype Collector delivers the world’s latest fashion trends with aplomb. The gleaming store features row upon row of shiny new sneakers temptingly arranged on neon-lit shelves, as well as trendy accessories and chic sportswear.

The Hype Collector’s philosophy – “Plug everything u can imagine.” | Source: The Hype Collector

Customers are encouraged to hang out, and many do, clustered around the limited edition Supreme Stern Pinball machine and a sneaker Keymaster arcade machine. Keep an eye out for seasonal and pop-up sales to score a deal at this premium sneaker paradise.

The Hype Collector’s Keymaster machine features the most worldwide elusive pairs. | Source: The Hype Collector

Location: 14C Ngo Thi Nham Street, Hanoi
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Launched in 2015, GREY.B specializes in genuine shoes, backpacks, and accessories from international sportswear brands. | Source: GREY.B

No-nonsense, simple and highly wearable, Fila, Vans and Puma sneakers make the bulk of GREY.B‘s stock. The crowd shopping here skews young and it definitely helps that the store keeps their prices low. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and are more than happy to wheel out dozens of shoe boxes to find your perfect fit at a reasonable price.

GREY.B focuses on quality of products and a thoughtful, dedicated customer service. | Source: GREY.B

Location: 179 Dong Cat Street, Hanoi
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HNM Sneaker

Located in the heart of the city, HNM Sneaker has its feet firmly in Hanoi’s burgeoning sneaker market. Local shoe enthusiasts have found a spiritual home here, while visiting collectors drop in to browse the well-curated stock and see what’s trending in Hanoi.

HNM Sneaker is a spiritual home for local shoe lovers as it offers reasonable prices for legit products. | Source: HNM Sneaker

Founded by the long-time sneaker fanatic and reseller Hoang Nhu Manh, the store retains its edge by keeping abreast with global trends, while offering reasonable prices. HNM’s selection of marked down pre-loved shoes appeals to the budget-conscious, the frugal and the eco-minded.

Location: 212 Pho Hue Street, Hanoi
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Tico Sneaker

Fabo Nguyen, a Youtube influencer with a healthy following in the “sneakerverse,” as well as Vietnam’s U23 squad shop here. As do those who like their kicks extra luxe: premium brands such as Thom Browne, Supreme and Off-White are all represented. Given the profile of the brands crowding the shelves, shopping at Tico probably qualifies as a splurge.

Purveying a huge stock of of affordable models and high-end collections, Tico Sneaker is where lots of celebrities and influencers trust to shop with. | Source: Tico Sneaker

Location: 45 Dong Cat Street, Hanoi
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Sneaker Beatt

Sneaker Beatt is a brainchild of Dang Tien Dat, one of the key players of Vietnam’s sneaker scene. Launched in 2016 with a motto “Khác biệt giống bạn – Different like you,” the arrival of the shop is a breath of fresh air for the local youth hungry for the latest fashion trends.

Dang Tien Dat, one of the key player in Vietnamese shoe game, established Sneaker Beatt in 2016, bringing the latest fashion trends to Vietnam. | Source: Dang Tien Dat

Sneaker Beatt is driven by a belief that a well-put-together outfit begins with a right pair of shoes and their range is impressively diverse: from basic collections such as Nike AF1, Adidas Superstar and Fila Disruptor to snazzy Jordan, Yeezy and Human Race soles. They will even do a worldwide search and track down the elusive limited edition pairs you covet, for a reasonable price.

Location: 142 Trung Phung Street, Hanoi
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Feature Image from The Hype Collector

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