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Dec 10, 2022

A Step Forward: Inspiring Patriotism Through Arts

Looking back is to be proud; now Vietnam has greater inspiration to make "A Step Forward."
A Step Forward: Inspiring Patriotism Through Arts

Source: A Step Forward


A Step Forward (Tiếp Bước Tiến) — a new #ProudlyMadeinVietnam initiative of homegrown footwear brand Biti’s — is an art project featuring 40 talented young Vietnamese artists and communities to celebrate Vietnam’s 40-year progress.

Coming from all walks of life — chef, programmer, bartender, dancer, and even floral artist — these young artists gather for an exhibition of patriotism and national pride. 40 proud stories of progress in various aspects of life, from FDI, education, healthcare, import and export to cinema, music, green lifestyle, and cross-culture, are cleverly depicted in aesthetic and creative ways.

"Break the wall" by Nguoi Da. | Source: A Step Forward/ Nguoi Da

Young artists are given total freedom to let their creativity run wild through their choice of materials, artistic genres, and how to present their artworks. From poems, illustrations, and photos to 3D sculpture and installation art, each artwork shows a distinctive perspective on the nation's progress, inspiring the community to keep improving our beloved country.

From Another is an art studio that focuses on exploring new art directions. | Source: A Step Forward

Vuu Le Quyen, CEO of Biti’s and the initiator of the A Step Forward project, shared, “I am extremely proud to initiate A Step Forward project to celebrate the nation’s journey of progress over the last 40 years and inspire the next generation to continue this legacy.”

“This project is a serious step of Biti’s to promote the Proudly Made in Vietnam spirit to honor, continue and create more Vietnamese values.”

Cuong Nguyen, Chief Marketing Advisor at Biti’s, added, “The project was born in partnership with many companions and especially 40 young artists and communities. The project creates a strong sense of community but still has an impressive personal touch of 40 independent perspectives.”

An artwork by Danis Nguyen | Source: A Step Forward/Danis Nguyen.

The exhibition will be held on December 17 and 18 at Ants Studio, Ho Chi Minh City. Beyond arts, A Step Forward is a celebration of unsung achievements and emerging fields.

The event is open to the public. Everyone can come, appreciate, and be proud and inspired to take a step forward in the development of Vietnam and keep writing a new glorious chapter for the country.

A Step Forward (Tiếp Bước Tiến) is a celebration of Vietnam’s 40-year progress through the eyes of a new generation.

40 unique creations.
40 unscripted young voices.
40 proud stories of progress.

All to demonstrate how far we've come as a nation. A Step Forward is presented by Biti’s in partnership with Vietcetera, Dentsu Redder, C+P Consulting, La La Land, Westa Production, and The Lab SG.

Find out more about this project here.