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Apr 08, 2021

Bitcoin Fever Has Gripped The Country, Web Drama Did Not Miss The Game

From newspapers to social networking platforms, all the laughing and crying stories related to cryptocurrency investment are now depicted on the small screen with the “4.0 Town" project — the first web drama of Remitano.  

Bitcoin Fever Has Gripped The Country, Web Drama Did Not Miss The Game

Source: Remitano.

According to a report released by Statista in 2020, Vietnam ranked second in the world in terms of cryptocurrency use. Twenty-one percent of respondents in Vietnam (among 1000 - 4000 respondents per country) said they owned or used cryptocurrency. This figure paved the way for Vietnam to rank second on the list — following Nigeria (32%). Other Asian countries like the Philippines (20%), India (9%), China (7%), Japan (4%) also made it to the list of highest rates of cryptocurrency use.

Pretty obvious that Vietnamese citizens have a real interest in cryptocurrency.

However, this does not mean that cryptocurrency is as powerful and easy to use as many people think. It is not just “the hand of Midas.” Cryptocurrency, like other investment games, requires users to have basic knowledge on it so they’re guided when making investments and to reduce the risk of getting scammed.

Unfortunately, despite the attempts to fully grasp the rules of the game, users in Vietnam still experience many setbacks. For most amateur investors, the lack of reputable, multi-dimensional, and comprehensible knowledge-sharing forums on cryptocurrency made it more difficult to learn about digital currency.

Fortunately, some creative solutions to broaden the appeal of cryptocurrency education, which are usually considered dry and boring, have been put into practice in Vietnam.

One of the best examples is the very first sitcom of Remitano — ‘4.0 Town’.

“Softening” lessons on Cryptocurrency

There are many reasons as to why ‘4.0 Town’ should be experienced by amateur investors who have just taken initial steps into cryptocurrency.

First of all, the series includes three factors: light, relatable, and readily comprehensible.

4.0 Town’ is a sitcom revolving around the journey of a residential group leader who is determined to upgrade his neighborhood into the 4.0 Town — the town of Bitcoin billionaire. In each episode, cryptocurrency-related knowledge is cleverly woven into light-hearted and relatable everyday situations to help the audience easily understand it without getting bored.

With light content, familiar context, and short runtime (about 5-7 minutes per episode), this series helps deliver a basic understanding of cryptocurrency in a more accessible way compared to 1000-page hardbound finance books.

Khu phố 40 tập 3
Ep 3: Ignoring Diarrhea Symptoms. | Source: Remitano.

Besides, the production team did make a wise decision in choosing web drama in the style of dark comedy when dealing with a relatively sensitive topic at a given moment. For instance, cryptocurrency application is mentioned in the story of a neighbor buying antiques online, or blockchain is brought up when citizens show diarrhea symptoms after eating food of unknown origins.

The refreshing laughs help make indigestible content more friendly for cryptocurrency novice. Audiences could reflect on their journey in cryptocurrency without much embarrassment if mistakes are made.

Professionally consulted screenplay

A cryptocurrency platform providing safe and decent Bitcoin P2P exchange solutions in many countries, Remitano made sure to consult professionals on the screenplay of ‘4.0 Town’ — to portray the subject in the most accurate way possible.

According to Remitano, ‘4.0 Town’ project is part of a strategy for eliminating conventional notions about cryptocurrency investment in Vietnam. In particular, cryptocurrency investment is not an “exclusive" game for tech-savvy youth, but for everyone, including amateur investors.

It is still too early to claim the success of ‘4.0 Town’, but Remitano, as a pioneer in this web drama, has addressed its mission to change the notion that crypto is too complicated to understand and use.

This initiative will serve as a good inspiration for other similar well-made products in the future, contributing to swinging the perception of cryptocurrency.

40 Town Ep 5
Ep 5: Save My Best Friend. | Source: Remitano.

However, since cryptocurrency is a financial investment platform, users should be conscious and careful before making any investment.

Additionally, users should clearly understand the nature of each cryptocurrency transaction and avoid the idea of “getting rich easily and quickly" to not be scammed by any fraud operations.

Remitano’s mission to provide an utterly safe and easy cryptocurrency P2P transaction solution. Remitano is built by a competent and experienced team who are experts in working with professional bank systems and in building and developing finance, digital currency, and payment systems.

Remitano platform now provides the following features:

1. P2P exchange
2. Investing (Margin 2x, Take Profit - Stop Loss feature)
3. Cash-out internationally: money transfer between different countries
4. Swap: for users to exchange between pair of cryptocurrencies
5. Follow trade: for users to easily update their transactions.

Also, ‘Remitano Forum’ - the most reputable forum in Vietnam about Bitcoin, Virtual currency, and Crypto, is a space for you to discuss and share your experience in cryptocurrency investment. It also contains the latest news about cryptocurrency to help you make a well-informed decision.

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