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Relive Coi Mo Di Unitour moments

2 Cities, 8 Universities And Dozens Of Stories Told And Heard

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Coi Mo di Unitour, organized by Vietcetera and Durex, has wrapped its first edition after three weeks of visiting universities in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. A bigger and better Unitour is in the works — stay tuned!

When being asked "Who are you?", many people tend to answer through their role or personality. For example, “I am a student”, “I am a teacher” or “I am an introvert”. However, focusing on seeing yourself through many different lenses such as status or social norms, through friends and family, makes you rarely look inside yourself and ask , “Who am I?”

With the desire to open a journey among young people who share many questions about themselves, Durex partnered with Vietcetera to organize the Coi Mo di Unitour in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Each stop was an opportunity for participants to discover themselves and to uncover potentials they have within.

A journey to discover the real you

Unitour Coi Mo di

Coi Mo di Unitour started at Hoa Sen University on April 22. The warm welcome from students and the openness they’ve shown to learn more about who they really are were enough to push the event farther. Over the last three weeks, the Coi Mo di Unitour reached eight universities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, opening a platform for everyone to listen and share their perspectives on relevant issues considered taboo by a conservative society.

Coi Mo di Unitour’s activities included open discussions “Nguoi La Oi", personality exhibition “Toi Oi" and an in-depth seminar with host Thuy Minh, Ky Nam, and Minh Trang.

Unitour Coi Mo di Emagazine

In-depth panel discussion on “True Self - True Expression - True Pleasure"

What made Coi Mo di Unitour a more meaningful event was the presence of three hosts, who brought diversity and different levels of experiences and wisdom to every university they visited: The talk of Coi Mo di Unitour witnessed three hosts of three different colors, bringing diversity in their ways of sharing and leading the story: the charming and smart Thuy Minh, the honest and funny Ky Nam, and the sincere and determined Minh Trang. Through three theme "True self - True expression - True pleasure", the students listened to the hosts as they narrated their own journeys, both good and bad, that have led them to where they are now.

Host Thuy Minh shared how she transformed from a woman with "too low a voice for a female voice on the radio, too tanned for an MC at VTV" to a woman who have broken barriers and a reputable name in these exact fields at present. Ky Nam, meanwhile, inspired self-love from the story of an unexpected fall in the midst of the most "sublime" moment of his life. Minh Trang shared some practical lessons about consent in love and sex.

“When I listen to the stories of Ky Nam and Thuy Minh, I look back at the old version of me. Because I also once denied myself, also tried to find myself, also suffered and broke down on the way to answer the question, “Who am I?” Actually, I have not found the complete answer yet, but the me now is much happier, and is ready to welcome the next years in my life," shared Minh Trang.

At the seminar, the students also had the opportunity to ask questions directly to the hosts, from issues about work and life to difficult issues such as sex and gender orientations. The Coi Mo di Unitour is a place of diversity, equality; there was no room for judgment. It was evident on how confident and open the students were in asking questions and sharing their own incredible stories.

Unitour Coi Mo di Emagazine

Open discussion “Nguoi La Oi"

The show "Nguoi La Oi" is already a familiar name to those who’ve been following Vietcetera. At the Coi Mo di Unitour, controversial topics were discussed, like “texting or calling” or “who should buy the condom?”, which are often whispered or just disregarded altogether.

The open discussion saw participants fearlessly share their views and stand on their ground when their principles were challenged. This was, after all, the main point of the event: To create a safe space where everyone can talk, and where everyone is heard. This has also led participants to getting a multi-dimensional view of things and deeper insights into who they are and who they surround themselves with.

Unitour Coi Mo di
Nam hay nữ, ai mới là người mua bao?

“Toi Oi" Exhibition: Finding the answers for “Who am I?”

Unitour Coi Mo di

During the tour, students were introduced to the Enneagram of Personality test model. In the process of discovering their personality type, they have learned a lot about their original selves, as well as their unconscious motivations and behaviors.

To further aid them in learning more about their personalities, the “Toi Oi” exhibition was held, with information about the 9 Enneagram personalities displayed and explained in details. This allowed students to also explore other personality types which can help them understand and empathize with others.

During the talk show, host Thuy Minh shared that life will always have hurdles and often unfair circumstances, and there will always be people who will tell you "you can't." In the midst of it all, hold your head up high and do what you want to do.

The Coi Mo di Unitour was meant to help the young Vietnamese generation in their journey to self-awareness and acceptance — and we fervently hope that it served its purpose.

Vietcetera and Durex will hold a bigger and better Coi Mo di Unitour in October. Stay tuned!

Coi Mo di Unitour is a program organized by Vietcetera and Durex. The program goes to 16 universities in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to equip students with knowledge and experiences to discover and express themselves.

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