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Jul 11, 2024

Everything You Need To Know: Overseas Vietnamese Summit Ho Chi Minh City 2025

Vietcetera and Overseas Vietnamese (OV) believe in the value of investing time and energy into coming together to share ideas and spark conversations that benefit Vietnamese diaspora.
Everything You Need To Know: Overseas Vietnamese Summit Ho Chi Minh City 2025

Overseas Vietnamese Summit 2025.

Attend to meet industry leaders, innovative creatives and smart thinkers for three days of conversation and stand-out hospitality. More than 30 speakers and an estimated 800 attendees will come together to exchange perspectives on building a better future in life and business.

What to expect at Overseas Vietnamese Summit 2025: Crossing Over

At the Overseas Vietnamese Summit 2025: Crossing Over, you will meet and build connections with like-minded peers and leave with fresh ideas and insights to revitalize your potential career pathway in Vietnam.

For more detailed information about Overseas Vietnamese Summit 2025, click here.

Overseas Vietnamese Summit 2024: Homecoming. Source: Vietcetera.

Join us for this special event where conversations are sparked, ideas are exchanged, connections are made, and inspiration and opportunity are at the center.

We will welcome you in Ho Chi Minh City on Thursday 2 January with an evening cocktail reception. In the morning, for those that RSVP, we will also be curating several different tracks of the company tour offering throughout Ho Chi Minh City and adjacent new cities like Binh Duong New City.

Last year, we visited the headquarters of companies like Vinamilk, Masan, Techcombank and experiential destinations like De La Sól by Sun Life and Bakes French Pastry Bakery.

Visiting De La Sól by Sun Life. Source: Vietcetera.

Are you thinking of being a speaker or nominating someone to speak at the summit? Let us know here.

On Friday 3 January, Vietcetera and Overseas Vietnamese will host a packed day of in-depth interviews and panel discussions. In the evening, we will enjoy an after party with buzzing music and heart-stopping lucky draws.

On Saturday 4 January, we will start the day with a tour of the best lifestyle and cultural highlights in the city, giving a lens into what life could be like in Vietnam’s largest urban center.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This Q&A will be updated frequently and is up to date as of 11 July 2024.

Where is the venue of the main conference on Day 2?

Location will be in Ho Chi Minh City central districts. Specific venues, which can accommodate around 400 people, will soon be announced. Stay tuned for more!

What is the format of the All-Day Conference?

We will have a main conference hall filled with keynotes and panels. We will also have a select number of themed breakout sessions as well as an exhibition space for companies.

There will be coffee breaks as well as a full-spread buffet lunch, with the usual Vietcetera-curated premium offering.

What is the setting of the Cocktail Reception and After Party?

The first day cocktail reception on Thursday 2 January will be split into two groups. For the first 100 early bird ticket holders, you will be welcomed by an exclusive private reception in District 1. For the general ticket buyers, we will host a reception in the city center.

Source: Vietcetera.

The after party on Friday 3 January will be a combined affair for all ticket holders, at HCMC center. All evening receptions will be free flow canapes and drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

I’m not an Overseas Vietnamese. Can I attend?

All nationalities and ethnicities are welcome. This program is relevant to anyone seeking to make a move to Vietnam, work and live in Vietnam, learn more about Vietnamese communities, or do business with the Overseas Vietnamese community.

We have had many attendees in the first summit with international backgrounds, such as a real estate developer from Japan, a technology entrepreneur from the US, and former international school students who lived in Vietnam with Korean, French, and other backgrounds looking to now re-integrate in Vietnam after a period of time abroad.

All are welcome.

What sort of people are expected to attend?

Most attendees will be of overseas Vietnamese background. We expect more than 70% to have home countries from abroad and the rest already living or from Vietnam.

The average age last year was in the late 20’s, but we expect this year to have an average age of around early to mid 30’s.

Nearly 100% of the demographic will hold a bachelor’s degree or higher education level, or have white-collar office work experience of at least 5+ years. All attendees will have fluency in English due to the nature of the program and the majority will have command of Vietnamese.

Last year, many smaller communities were formed at the event, including groups for Overseas Vietnamese from France, Germany, and more.

What can I expect from the Curated Company Tours?

We will be curating our attendees based on their backgrounds with a relevant company tour. We will be breaking up the larger group of ticket holders into two or three tracks, each following a unique and distinctive offering.

Last minute ticket buyers are not guaranteed a spot in the company tours.

What can I expect from the Sideline events?

Our editors are curating a special set of experiences, hosted by the team. Expect unique experiences that a typical tour offering cannot offer.

Last year’s programs included:

  • An exclusive private dinner with the chef of Ho Chi Minh City’s only Michelin-starred restaurant Anan Saigon, Peter Cuong Franklin, who also shared an exclusive workshop on Vietnam’s cuisine history.
  • An early morning run with Vietcetera CEO Hao Tran along the Saigon River followed by his favorite power breakfast and coffee spot in the city.

Due to limited capacity, the number of last-minute tickets will be subject to availability.

Peter Cuong Franklin at Anan Saigon last year. Source: Vietcetera.

How can I engage in networking at the event?

We will be creating a dedicated WhatsApp group for all ticket buyers and be sharing a roster of everyone’s backgrounds before the event.

If I miss one day of the event, can I get a refund for my All-Access Pass?

You can choose to attend all or only part of the series of programs. However, a partial or full refund cannot be offered.

Can I pass my ticket to someone else?

Yes. Please inform our team with the new attendee's contact details via email at least 24 hours prior to the event: events.rsvp@vietcetera.com

How often will this summit happen?

Annually. The first edition was hosted 23-25 January 2024.