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Nov 30, 2016

Five Things To Do In Phu My Hung

Aside from being dubbed as Korea Town, Phu My Hung, District 7 is also considered as one of Ho Chi Minh City’s future business districts.

Five Things To Do In Phu My Hung

Five Things To Do In Phu My Hung

Not far from District 1, tucked near the city center there’s another district worth discovering: District 7, Phu My Hung.

Aside from being dubbed as Korea Town, Phu My Hung is also considered as one of Ho Chi Minh City’s future business districts. Here is where Koreans and other expats choose to stay for the convenience it offers. It is close to several shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and it is just a 15-20 minute bus ride from the city center. It’s a residential, business meet leisure and fun kind of neighborhood.

If you ever find yourself in this little, convenient neighborhood here are five things you can do.

Explore the premiere shopping scene

Phu My Hung has Crescent Mall and Vivo City where you can shop your heart out. Both malls carry local and international brands that can cater to all your shopping needs. Both malls are within walking distance and there are also taxis, buses, and xe oms available. Uber and Grab are also readily available. Not far from Phu My Hung, there’s also the Korean mall Lotte Mart, where people can tick everything off of their shopping list and more. It also offers free shuttle rides to and from the mall so getting there won’t be a problem. There are also small businesses in Sky Garden where you can purchase affordable and unique finds.

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Go café hopping

Vietnam has a rich coffee culture, so it is no doubt that this district is also decked with cafes left and right, in almost all alleys. There are the commercial cafes like Starbucks, Phuc Long, Café Bene, Angel in Us, and Gloria Jeans. But aside from these café giants, Phu My Hung also has a lot of hidden gems that would not only satisfy your coffee needs. Each café is also well-decorated that could instantly spark inspiration. Prices wouldn’t also make huge dents on your wallets for the coffees, cakes, and snacks are worth the price.

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JB’s Top Picks:

Awesome Coffee

Location: 994 Nguyễn Văn Linh, Tân Phong, Quận 7

Must Try: Tiramisu, cold brew coffee


Location: 108 – 110 Hà Huy Tập, Quận 7

Must Try: Walnut pie, cream cheese bread

Cafe 42ae

Location: R3-60 Hung Gia 2

Must Try: Chocolate bingsu, gelato

Check out the diverse food cuisine options

Being a district populated with a lot of expats, it is not a shocker that Phu My Hung has grown into a foodie haven. It is a given that there are a lot of Vietnamese restaurants, but there are also restaurants that serve food from all over the globe. There are cafes and restaurants perfect for all three meals of the day, and even for the in-between snacks. The first floors of 3 or 4 apartments have also been turned into a food strip so your options are a plenty.

Five Things To Do In Phu My Hung2

JB’s Top Picks:


Location: Sky Garden 2, Phu My Hung

Must Try: Chicken Tikka Masala, vegetable samosa

Hien Lanh

Location: S14 – 1 Hưng Vượng 2, Phu My Hung

Must Try: Bun cha, fried spring rolls

Red Tomato

Location: SB11-2 Skygarden, Level 2, Nguyễn Văn linh Street, Phú Mỹ Hưng

Must Try: Sheppard’s Pie Balls, meat love pizza

Listen to live music and drink

In the morning, Phu My Hung is all about business, but at night this place also turns into a go-to hangout place. There are places for people who love to dance, karaoke bar for the singers, pubs for the casual drinkers, and an open space resto bar for a more relaxed ambiance.

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JB’s Top Picks:

The Tavern

Location: R2-24 Hung Gia 3, Bui Bang Street, Phu My Hun


Location: 5th floor, SC Vivo City

The Elephant

Location: 138 Sb, 02 Khu My Phat, Nguyen Duc Cahn Street, Phu My Hung

There’s The Tavern for some live music and themed activities every night; there’s Vuvuzela, which is a bar and restaurant inside a mall. For a more relaxed ambiance, you can go to The Elephant in My Phat for some drinks while listening to local and expat performances.

Learn something new

Sometimes, shopping and eating aren’t enough to fully experience a new place, so why not enroll in different workshops. It won’t just expand your knowledge and hone your skills, but you also get to meet new friends along the process. When in Phu My Hung you can learn how to make your own coffee, make candles, practice yoga – aerial yoga even, and art for the kids and adults alike.

Universal Yoga

Location: 35 Nội Hưng Gia 4, Phu My Hung

Sunflower Art

Location: S53-2 Sky Garden 3, Phu My Hung

Nicky’s Zumba Fitness

Location: Little Genius Kindergarten, 200 – 202 Ta Huy Tap Street, Phu My Hung, D7, Ho Chi Minh City