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Jun 30, 2022

Fresh Graduates Expect Friendly Environment And Healthy Work Culture For Their First Jobs

Salaries might not be essential to fresh graduates as they hunt for the perfect first jobs.
Fresh Graduates Expect Friendly Environment And Healthy Work Culture For Their First Jobs

What do fresh graduates look for in their first jobs? | Source: Shutterstock

In July, thousands of college seniors in Vietnam will be graduating. They’ve spent four years in the university, constantly studying and participating in different clubs and curricular activities. Considering how the education system went haywire due to COVID-19, students faced formidable challenges. But it has shaped them into resilient people ready to take their first step into the real world.

The first job they get after graduation will be an important milestone. It will somehow determine the mindset, experiences, and career paths they’re destined to follow in the coming years.

What do fresh graduates look for in their first jobs? What factors should they consider before hitting the ‘Apply Now’ button on the website or dressing up for a job interview, what factors should they consider?

Vietcetera talked with some students from different universities in Vietnam to better understand the hopes and goals of our country’s new generation of professionals.

Nguyen Thanh Lam — Pedagogy Teaching, University of Languages and International Studies

Like many students, I expect much from my first job after graduation. Firstly, my future job will be the one I am passionate about. When I was a freshman, while many of my classmates already knew what they were born to do and the career path they fit in, I had no idea what my future would look like. Fortunately, having experienced working as a part-time teacher in the later years, I realized that teaching is my passion. I love passing down knowledge to my students. There’s a sense of fulfillment every time I see them doing great.

Second, I think that a vital factor to see is the ambiance of the workplace. The colleagues and the employer should be cooperative, understanding, and friendly to make working together comfortable. I don’t want to work somewhere that scares me.

And as you know, teaching is considered a profession where passion is more important than money. If there were no money, I doubt anyone would pursue this career. Therefore, I hope my job will offer me the rate I deserve.

Does salary matter to first-time job hunters? | Source: Shutterstock

Chu Vu Mai Phuong — International Relations, Academy of Journalism and Communication

I hope my first job will be the foundation for my long-term career. For me, salary is not my top priority, and I don’t think I will spend many years in this position. In general, it has to be a job related to my passion, and my knowledge will be helpful to this job. This will be a period for me to challenge myself, learn, and earn valuable experiences that will be useful as I climb the professional ladder soon.

Le Thi Na — Audit, University of Economics and Law (Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City)

Right after graduation, I will have a position aligned with my major. As a young person, I want to experience as much as possible in my field of study, understand the core values of each corporation and sharpen my skills for the audit position I am pursuing. Furthermore, I want to build healthy relationships with colleagues, have a chance to learn from my seniors, and be able to advance in my career.

New professionals have eyes on getting promoted in their jobs. | Source: Shutterstock

Dam Quynh Trang — International Business Administration, Hanoi Foreign Trade University

After an internship and working in a few different companies, I want to apply to a company with a dynamic and innovative environment, a guidance training process, a transparent workflow, and opportunities for self-development. I prefer foreign companies or multinational corporations, so I am focusing on finding job opportunities in that area.

Tran Thi Yen — Marketing, University of Finance

No matter what job I do, I hope to have access to an environment that suits me. I was fortunate to study banking and work in the right major. A high-paying job that doesn't motivate me wouldn't be ideal. So besides the environment, colleagues and bosses will also influence me.

Healthy working environments and friendly colleagues can help one go a long way.

Nguyen Minh Ngoc — International Economics, Hanoi Foreign Trade University

I want a job where I can apply what I learned but challenging enough to try to spend time studying. I also want to have colleagues, especially a boss, who would teach me new things. If one has a degree, they’ll have both knowledge and practical experience.

Pham Minh Duc — Architecture, Hanoi Architectural University

Firstly, I will find a job that is suitable for me. If it is the right field of study, that would be great. Then, I would like to meet those who have been in the profession for a long time so that I can learn from them not only architectural skills but also their logic and thinking to improve myself further. I hope to make around 10-12 million VND/month for my first job.