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Jun 22, 2024
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From Humble Beginnings To Culinary Mastery: Chef Nghiem Minh Duc's Journey With NP Bistro

Unlike many chefs who inherit their passion for cooking through family traditions, Chef Duc's foray into the culinary world began out of necessity.
From Humble Beginnings To Culinary Mastery: Chef Nghiem Minh Duc's Journey With NP Bistro

Chef Nghiem Minh Duc in black. Source: NP Bistro.

Chef Nghiem Minh Duc’s culinary journey is now stepping into a new phase: NP Bistro, a gem in Saigon’s dining scene. His story is marked by a series of unique experiences that shaped his approach to cooking and led him to establish a restaurant that blends tradition with innovation.

As a young boy, he took on the responsibility of cooking to support his ailing mother. Later, while studying abroad in Australia, he worked in kitchens to sustain himself. Through these experiences, he discovered his true passion for cooking, despite originally pursuing studies in Dental Technology and Public Health.

Source: NP Bistro.

Chef Duc’s professional journey took a significant turn when he worked in Melbourne’s renowned kitchens, such as Nobu and Cumulus Inc. These establishments taught him invaluable lessons about humility, continuous improvement, and the multicultural essence of cuisine.

“I learned that in the kitchen, skills and effort matter more than your background,” he reflects. The diverse culinary landscape of Australia, rich with techniques and flavors from around the world, profoundly influenced his cooking style.

In 2019, after a pivotal life event, Chef Duc decided to return to Vietnam with a vision to contribute to the burgeoning F&B industry. He dreamed of opening a bistro-style restaurant that would combine the best elements of traditional bistros with the precision and sophistication of haute cuisine.

Squid Rocket Pasta. Source: NP Bistro.

NP Bistro, born out of this vision, follows the “bistronomy” concept, focusing on fresh, quality ingredients, simple yet delicious recipes, and a warm, laid-back atmosphere.

NP Bistro stands out not just for its innovative menu but also for its mission to blend local Vietnamese ingredients with international culinary techniques. Chef Duc’s experience at Nobu, a pioneer of fusion cuisine, instilled in him a love for combining familiar ingredients with new flavors and methods.

“Cooking anywhere on Earth is the same - the ability to understand and utilize local ingredients is always the best,” he asserts. This philosophy drives his innovative approach, although it sometimes meets resistance from traditionalists. Nevertheless, the creative freedom and unexpected discoveries, such as the surprising similarity between Earl Grey and Thai red tea, make the journey worthwhile.

Burrata Fruit Salad. Source: NP Bistro.

Located in Binh Thanh, NP Bistro aims to challenge local perceptions and introduce the community to the true essence of a bistro. On its opening day, the restaurant’s large sign prompted locals to mistake it for a steakhouse or a branch of a familiar chain.

Chef Duc hopes to change these perceptions and establish NP Bistro as a beloved spot for dates, gatherings with friends, and family meals, helping to redefine dining experiences in the area.

Source: NP Bistro.

Through NP Bistro, Chef Nghiem Minh Duc continues to explore the art of fusion cuisine, making gourmet dining accessible while maintaining the essence of fine dining. His story, filled with diverse experiences and unwavering dedication, highlights why NP Bistro is poised to become a cornerstone of Saigon’s culinary landscape.

Chef Duc’s journey, from humble beginnings to international kitchens and back to his homeland, embodies a commitment to culinary excellence and innovation that promises an exciting future for NP Bistro and its patrons.

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