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Jul 12, 2022

How To Enjoy Phu Quoc Island To The Fullest

Phu Quoc has everything you need for an all-around vacation, blessed with crystal-clear waters, white-sand beaches, majestic mountains, and lush forests.
How To Enjoy Phu Quoc Island To The Fullest

Source: Sailing Club Signature Resort Phu Quoc

Summer is here — and what better way to celebrate the season than packing our bags and going on a trip of a lifetime. Some would long for sunny days at the shore; some just crave the cooling retreat on the highlands.

If you are planning a family or group trip and find it hard to reconcile the different needs of each traveler, Phu Quoc Island, also called the “pearl island” of Vietnam, could be a perfect option to consider.

Here, you can enjoy the white sand beaches gleaming under the sun and admire the majestic mountains and hills with a rich forest ecosystem. This place is the embodiment of the saying "gold forest, silver sea" (Rừng vàng biển bạc) that we have been taught since childhood.

Loved by the introvert souls

We usually think of Phu Quoc as a peaceful and somewhat anchored island. But as tourism on the island starts to recover after the pandemic and border closures, tourists are now flocking. But don’t get this wrong; Phu Quoc is still as pristine as it has always been.

That’s why this is the ideal summer escape for introverts.

  • Watch the sunrise and sunset

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Phu Quoc has a lot of stunning beaches — perfect spots to enjoy the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. You can watch the sunrise at Starfish Beach (Bãi Sao) or Ham Ninh Fishing Village and the sunset at Long Beach (Bãi Trường) or Dinh Cau.

Don’t forget to bring a book with you while waiting for these spectacular moments or your camera for some remembrance. You can also find a café to chill out with your favorite drink as you bask in the beauty of this splendid island.

Immerse into the local story

Source: VinWonders

If you are interested in the historical and cultural story of Phu Quoc, Coi Nguon Museum is worth paying a visit. This is one of the largest private collections, offering you a great insight into the island's history and every facet of life.

The museum is home to numerous historical artifacts dating back to the Tran, Ly, Le, and Nguyen dynasties and the living tools of local dwellers. You can also learn how to make the famous traditional fish sauce here.

Phu Quoc Prison is another must-see tourist attraction on the Island. This historical site recreates the torture and violence our heroes endured in the French colonial times while reflecting their courage and perseverance to give this country its freedom.

Perfect for the extrovert gang

For the extroverts who crave more lively and thrilling activities, you can immerse yourself in the ancient forest or visit Long Beach (Bai Truong).

  • Exploring the ancient forests

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Phu Quoc National Park is famous for preserving the old forest and wildlife. For those who want to explore the park by motorbike, you can go on a 50-kilometer road trip which takes around three hours. The park is home to diverse vegetation and rich biodiversity — an ideal habitat for many endangered species, including some birds and reptiles on the 2005 IUCN Red List.

To prepare for this exhilarating trip, you should equip yourself with comfortable clothes. If you are an inexperienced traveler, going in a group with a local guide is highly suggested. The arduous adventurous trip throughout the lush forest will pay you off as you embrace the calm nature, the fresh air, and the unforgettable memories.

  • Enjoy life to the fullest at Long beach

Source: Wikiland

Long Beach (Bãi Trường) is one of the most beautiful, longest, and busiest beaches in Phu Quoc. Here, you can swim in the calm, crystal-clear seawater, watch the sun sinking towards the horizon, or enjoy delicious seafood.

Long Beach is also a popular location to take incredible photos that drive you more likes on social media. If you are adventurous, you can try out some thrilling watersports like surfing, banana boat, skateboarding with canoes, or water motor rides.

For family and friends

Phu Quoc has always been a favored destination for family vacations and group trips.

  • Phu Quoc Marina Complex

Source: Phu Quoc Marina Complex

Located on the west side of the Island, a 10-minute drive from the airport, Phu Quoc Marina is a complex of luxury resorts, including Intercontinental Phu Quoc Long Beach Resort, Regent Phu Quoc, and Phu Quoc Waterfront.

The complex also features entertainment facilities such as outdoor cinema, a large swimming pool, the sea view square, and the stunning festival road where huge events are held. These activities serve as a bridge connecting local and international culture while still keeping the traditions of the island intact.

Phu Quoc Marina will soon open a water park and a shophouse.

  • Sailing Club Signature Resort Phu Quoc

Source: Sailing Club Signature Resort Phu Quoc

Finally, if you are looking for a complex that can meet family members' needs, how about the Sailing Club Signature Resort Phu Quoc? This place is ideal for families who love beauty, minimalism, and gastronomy.

Sailing Club Phu Quoc is located at Phu Quoc Marina complex, designed by KAZE Interior Design and renowned architect Gary Fell, who’s involved in great projects like Ritz Carlton Resort Phuket Novotel Bali, and Mia Resort Nha Trang. Inspired by Scandinavian style, the villas feature soothing tones, large window frames allowing natural light to flood in, a private pool, and a garden.

Sailing Club Signature Resort showcases a complete “home away from home” experience on the island with many group and family activities. Here, you can enjoy hearty meals at Sandals, the Market — an all-day dining restaurant combined with a marketplace in the resort’s basement. The marketplace offers all high-quality ingredients like eggs, bacon, and freshly baked bread to prepare your meals.

As the night falls, the place gets more vibrant with exciting activities such as fire dancing and live music shows performed by international DJs.

This place offers everything, and anything travelers crave for.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack up and explore the alluring Pearl Island right now.

Translated by Bich Tram