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Mar 29, 2023

Inside Vietnam’s Tallest Hotel: Luxury Hospitality From Above

Vietcetera visited the newly relaunched Vinpearl Landmark 81, Autograph Collection to experience what it feels like to be inside Vietnam’s tallest hotel.
Inside Vietnam’s Tallest Hotel: Luxury Hospitality From Above

Vinpearl Landmark 81, Autograph Collection is a testament to Vietnam’s deserved place in the world of modern luxury.

Many equate luxury hospitality to having a carpeted entrance from the car to a high-ceiling lobby. But what if, instead of a lobby that exudes opulence, you had to start the experience with a 30-second elevator ride?

If that lift leads you to Vietnam’s tallest hotel, surely there’s nothing to complain about.

Reintroduced in January as Vinpearl Landmark 81, Autograph Collection after it changed ownership and management from Vingroup to Marriott International, the hotel atop Landmark 81 brings in Marriott’s excellent standard for service to the country’s competitive hospitality industry.

The grand lobby. | Source: Hiezle Bual

The 5-star hotel occupies 24 floors, from the 47th floor where the elegant Akoya Spa sits to the 71st floor which houses the Club Lounge — the highest in Vietnam — that can be accessed exclusively by guests staying in club floor rooms and suites. The palatial lobby, which offers guests a prelude to the breathtaking views they can expect in their rooms, sits on the 48th floor.

Despite a change in brand, the hotel has retained its original name as a nod to the property’s Vietnamese identity. The black and gold color scheme, as well as glass elements, locally sourced furniture, and Vietnamese details incorporated in every corner of the hotel that have been there since it opened in 2018.

Marriott, however, will make some meaningful changes in the coming months, scouting Vietnamese furniture makers, artisans and communities to further bring in an authentic Vietnamese feel and look to the opulent property. It is the international hotel brand’s goal to elevate the experience while still keeping true to the inherent craft and distinct characteristics of a Vietnamese hotel.

Breathtaking panoramas

Vinpearl Landmark 81, Autograph Collections knows what its unique selling point is — an unobstructed view of Saigon — and it’s creating immersive moments based on it. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows in the lobby invite guests to marvel at the Saigon skies and the bustling metropolis down under.

Source: Vinpearl Landmark 81, Autograph Collection Facebook

And while most hotels have “city view” and “river view” room options, all 223 accommodations at Vinpearl Landmark 81 have both. The clear windows in each room, which feature blackout curtains when it gets too bright, allow natural light to envelope the room and render spectacular views of the winding Saigon River and the surrounding districts.

Being in any of the rooms is like a respite from the hectic city without really removing oneself from it. After all, a meaningful hotel stay should provide not an escape from the real world, but a door to embrace and experience it.

Imagine waking up to natural sunlight and a view of Saigon from above. | Source: Hiezle Bual

From the lobby to the rooms, comfortable lounge chairs are positioned facing the big windows, enticing guests to take in the view they’d definitely find nowhere else. Vinpearl Landmark 81, Autograph Collection is a beguiling opulent base for an immersive journey in Vietnam’s biggest commercial city; it’s not a hideaway nor a stop.

The confluence of tradition and luxury

Landmark 81 takes its design inspiration from the traditional bamboo bundle, a symbol of growth, solidarity, and resilience in Vietnamese society. Bamboo also represents the spirit and history of the nation’s struggle for independence through the image of Saint Giong, one of the four immortals of Vietnam. Legend has it that he pulled a whole clump of bamboo and used it as a weapon against the enemy.

This same story became the foundation of Vinpearl Landmark 81, Autograph Collection. Knowing it’s highly considered an icon of progress and modern evolution of a nation that has been through a lot, the property strives to be worthy of becoming the face of the new Vietnam.

Source: Vinpearl Landmark 81, Autograph Collection

Every part of the hotel is specially curated and designed to take advantage of the sensational views, the inspiring architecture it’s built in, and the glorious stories of the storied nation. Here you find layers of the local culture and history set against forward-looking architectural masterpiece. Vietnamese elements like black-and-white photographs of the old Saigon, wooden furniture, warm earth-tone room interiors, and the modern ao dai worn by the staff render homey vibes amidst a not-so-subtle display of luxury.

To those looking for extravagance that’s intimidating but also strangely welcoming and tranquil, the Presidential Suite on the 68th floor is a haven of luxury. The 488-square meter room occupies the whole floor, and has its own balcony, oversized bathtub, walk-in closet and make-up room, living space, meeting area, and a fully equipped kitchen, in addition to two separate rooms that bear probably the biggest beds offered by any hotel. It’s also the only room where guests can see both Districts 1 and 2, plus the glistening waters of the river.

The Cloud restaurant on the 48th floor. | Source: Hiezle Bual

Beyond the thoughtfully designed rooms are dining venues crafting local and international specialties in an elevated setting — both literally and in quality. The Cloud on the 48th floor, the Oriental Pearl on the 66th floor, and the Club Lounge on the 71st floor promote local brands in its food and beverage section, including the use of Lacaph and Marou to serve authentic Vietnamese flavors. Most of the meat, fresh ingredients, and cheese are also sourced locally, ensuring not just quality and freshness but also advocating for the ever-hardworking Vietnamese farmers. Pho lovers will definitely fall in love with the Wagyu beef pho cooked in utter perfection.

The Oriental Pearl offers all-day dining, featuring re-imagined Vietnamese classic dishes. | Source: Hiezle Bual

The ballroom conference halls with drive-in features in the basement and the meeting rooms on the 69th floor are some of the biggest in the city, made to connect like-minded individuals, celebrate great moments, and share innovative insights for the future of Vietnam.

‘Exactly like nothing else’

Autograph Collection® Hotels hand-select their collection of properties to offer only rich immersive moments through the highest standard of hospitality, creating experiences that are “exactly like nothing else.” With its arrival in Vietnam, the brand champions the distinct Vietnamese identity and fosters a journey that leaves lasting impressions.

An early morning view from Vietnam’s tallest hotel. | Source: Vietcetera

There’s no wonder the brand chose to have its inaugural presence through Vinpearl Landmark 81, which has become a contemporary interpretation of Vietnam’s history and present and a promise of better days ahead.

It is a testament to Vietnam’s deserved place in the world of modern luxury, and Autograph Collection® Hotels is here to showcase it to the world.