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How to Pitch Vietcetera International

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What is Vietcetera?


Vietcetera Media is the fastest-growing digital media company in Vietnam with 1.1 million monthly active users and a total audience reach of 20 million across all digital and social platforms. Founded in 2016 by entrepreneurs Hao Tran and Guy Truong, Vietcetera is a first-of-its-kind multimedia digital platform producing editorial content along with video series and podcasts in both Vietnamese and English. Supported by editorial bureaus throughout Vietnam and contributing writers across a dozen cities, Vietcetera has become the preeminent destination for smart, consistent coverage across Business, Culture, News, and Lifestyle created for Vietnamese people, by Vietnamese people.

Target Audience

Vietcetera International reaches a wide audience of locals and expats in Vietnam, but also a global audience of people who are interested in visiting, living, or investing in Vietnam. This group includes the 4.5 million-strong global Vietnamese diaspora living in enclaves like Houston, San Jose, New Orleans, Paris, Sydney, Melbourne and beyond. In some instances, we will create content geared towards a broader global Asian identity.

Tone & Brand

Vietcetera International is authoritative and user-friendly, but also relaxed and conversational. We largely gravitate to positive and inspiring content that speaks to our largely young Millennial and Gen-Z Vietnamese audience. We emphasize content that can relate to any Vietnamese person regardless of nationality, while also seeking stories about the specificities of Vietnamese identity and its many intersections.

Types of Stories

Features (800-1000 words)

We’re always looking for smart, well-reported features pitches about Vietnam or Vietnamese people worldwide. Pitches can span business, food, arts, and entertainment — but must center an element of Vietnam, Vietnamese culture, or the Vietnamese experience. When pitching features, please include potential sources you will interview. Sample topics include:

  • Trend spotlights on Vietnamese restaurants, ingredients, or brands
  • Snapshot of an underground creative or music scene in Vietnam
  • Deep dive on the creation of Vietnamese-centric works of art and entertainment
  • Insight into the experiences of diaspora Vietnamese communities globally, as well as various expat and ethnic minority communities within Vietnam

Profiles (800-1000 words)

NOT Q&A’s! We’re looking for longform profiles of Vietnamese and Vietnamese diaspora leaders, innovators, and talent across business, food, film, art, fashion, and other industries. We aim to assign locally and prioritize profiles written after an in-person interview, as we believe observing a subject, their mannerisms, and demeanor to be integral to colorful and rich profile writing along with strong quotes.

Essays (800-1000 words)

While we are not a literary publication, we welcome first-person essay writings in an effort to amplify unique personal stories that would not be found elsewhere. This can include first-hand perspectives from mixed heritage, queer, or marginalized Vietnamese folx as well as a range of local and immigrant narratives.

Travel Guides (1500-2000 words)

We’re looking for smart, useful city guides of major cities in Vietnam, catered to specific audiences such as “family travel” and “romantic travel.” We will also consider guides for major hubs for outbound Vietnamese-travelers including Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. Fun fact: In 2020, over 160.5 thousand Vietnamese people traveled abroad.

Service Roundups & Lists (1000-1500 words)

We are happy to consider timely and compelling roundups of Vietnamese brands, products, restaurants, and notable individuals. There should still be a timely hook, for example the recent wave of premium Vietnamese coffee brands or a rise of Vietnamese restaurants in a destination where they have not historically been found.

What NOT to Pitch

We are fairly open, but we are generally not currently looking for:

  • Q&A - format interviews (exceptions for timely and notable subjects)
  • Short-form items (news, blogs, etc)

How to Submit an Editorial Pitch?

Contact us

digital director

Dan Q.DaoDigital Director

Email Us

What to Include

To pitch, please include:

  • The word PITCH in your email subject
  • A portfolio or link to some of your work
  • A proposed title and subtitle (feel free to share 1-2 options)
  • A timely hook, if any
  • The nut graph or lede of your story
  • Potential primary sources you plan to speak to
  • Optional: Information about existing imagery

Do You Pay?

Yes, we do pay for individual contributions as well as monthly columns. Rates vary based on reporting, length, and story type.