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Mar 05, 2021

Lay's Turns Your Chip Sounds Into YouTube Subtitles

If you love snacking while watching YouTube, this is for you. Lay’s with Happiness Saigon introduces Lay's Crispy Subtitles.

Lay's Turns Your Chip Sounds Into YouTube Subtitles

Source: Happiness Saigon

Since the advent of film mankind has had a dilemma. And with the rise of youtube and home viewing it’s only gotten worse. It’s something we all know, yet silently endure day by day, without speaking out. The problem we’re talking about of course is that fact that when you snack on something crispy while watching videos it’s hard to hear what’s happening. You have to pause and rewind every time you take a bite if you don’t want to miss anything.

The crispy sound that hinders your YouTube experience has become a global problem that needs to be resolved urgently and thoroughly!

Global citizens, it's time for us to stand up and enjoy our videos fully. To be able to enjoy delicious crispy chips without missing any lines from the video we are watching!

Leading the fight for a better snacking and viewing experience, Lay's teamed up with Happiness Saigon and BLISS Innovative Maker Studio. Presenting the solution to the crispy dilemma, Lay's Crispy Subtitles.

Training an ai on 178 hours of crispy, crunchy sound bites through the use of a machine learning algorithm, culminating in a plugin that runs directly in your chrome browser. Lay's Crispy Subtitles. This gamechanger, saves you hassle and allows you to immerse yourself in your own world of entertainment!

A first of its kind plugin that identifies the crunch of a Potato chip. Whenever a crack is detected, subtitles immediately activate on your youtube video, so you can watch the video without missing a second of dialogue.

That's right! Lay's Crispy Subtitles will transform the crisp chewing sound into subtitles the second sound is detected.

A gift from Lay's, Happiness Saigon, and Bliss Innovative Maker Studio, to the world, so you can fully enjoy your Crispy, tasty snacks without missing a line from your youtube video. So go ahead, snack on.

Lay's Crispy Subtitles is now available globally on the Chrome Webstore. You can download for free at

About Lay’s:

Lay's is the world's No. 1 Potato Snack label (**) from the US. Under PepsiCo Group, Lay's is available in more than 100 countries and has won the hearts of millions worldwide with many unique flavors. In Vietnam it’s available in eight familiar flavors: Classic, Nori Seaweed, Texas Grilled Beef Tenderloin, Cheddar Cheese, Brazilian BBQ Ribs, Sour Cream, Thai Spicy Squid and Seoul Kim Chi.

About Happiness Saigon:

Happiness Saigon, an FCB alliance, is an award winning creative connectivity agency based in Saigon, Vietnam and Brussels, Belgium. The agency is well-known to design connected brands that trigger emotions that trigger business. The agency believes in the power of creativity, the power of humanity and in happiness, that fuels both. The very multicultural and multitalented crew of Happiness has won numerous awards, including Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions and have signed for Vietnam’s most awarded creative idea with UNICEF #NoFilter. Some of Happiness’ work is even featured in the V&A Museum London.