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Private Dining Options in Saigon: Vietcetera’s Favorite Picks


Saigon is a symbolic city representing a rapid development of Asian food and culture. There are restaurants of all global cuisines in the city featuring experienced chefs and selected local and imported ingredients. With the rise of demand in dining, more restaurants have been opening private dining services to appeal to business diners and groups. Based on our own experiences, here’s a few of our own top picks that our team at Vietcetera can recommend for the perfect private dining experience in Saigon.

1. Quince Eatery Saigon

As the newest branch of the popular Quince Eatery in Bangkok, Quince Saigon is a hotspot for every international foodie in the city. Quince’s head chef from France has seen much of his career in Melbourne, so what he brings to Quince is “Melbournised” dishes using fresh local products and imported ingredients. The main attraction of the restaurant is the signature wood oven fire-grill, which reflects on their menu which centers on baked and roasted food. Quince does offer special items such as Vegan and Gluten Free options, and a superb wine list that ranks amongst the top of the city.

Quince serves a variety of Mediterranean dishes using high-quality local ingredients. | Source: FIGJAM

Quince Saigon has a classic yet modern vibe, with a stunning open kitchen concept. What makes Quince a welcoming and enjoyable dining place is that the restaurant suits everyone needs. From a solo customer who can sit at the bar counter and speak with the chefs, to one-on-one or small groups tucked away in corners, all can enjoy private dining experiences. Even big groups can also celebrate special occasions at the private dining room upstairs which seats up to 14 diners.

Follow the aroma of wood smoke, you’ll get to see the colonial charcoal-grey Quince’s mansion. | Soure: FIGJAM

Location: 37Bis Ky Con Street, District 1.
Contact: Facebook | Instagram

2. Xu Restaurant Lounge

If you’re looking for a modernized authentic Vietnamese cuisine, Xu Saigon is definitely your next stop. Applying new techniques to well-loved Vietnamese ingredients, the restaurant creates local dishes with global proportions.

Classic yet luxurious design of 1st Floor Bar of Xu Restaurant Lounge | Source:

Xu Restaurant Lounge provides a variety of options for any special events and private dinners. Whether you are planning for a standup cocktail event, or a sit down dinner, the restaurant can fulfill all your needs. Xu Lounge on the ground level can accommodate up to 170 people. At night, the lounge offers different types of cocktails along with wide choices of snack bites. DJs and special drinks can also be requested. For an intimate private dinner, consider the main dining room on level one, in which can seat up to 120 people. Xu Restaurant’s spacious zone can also be divided into a main dining hall and a bar area if needed. There is also another small private room with seating for six.

Location: 71-75 Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1.
Contact: Facebook | Instagram

3. Yakiniku Yazawa Saigon

Yazawa is a Japanese authentic BBQ restaurant that is known for Yakiniku, a cuisine-type that embraces the culture of Japanese food. Yakiniku Yazawa is currently operating in Tokyo, Kyoto, Singapore, Milan, and Beverly Hills. Now its flagship ingredient, Japanese Black Beef, has arrived in Vietnam at Yazawa Saigon. Located on the main route of the city, Dien Bien Phu street, the restaurant is an ideal place to enjoy a private dining experience. The menu features a wide range of Japanese cuisine favorites.

Premium Japanese Black Beef is imported directly from Japan. | Source: GooDeal

Aside from the food, Yazawa Saigon features a polished atmosphere with a number of private dining areas. The private zone can be separated with partitions depending on the number of guests. These semi-private dining zones are stylish yet functional. Other private areas in the restaurant are not complete separate rooms, featuring dividers that are subtle and enclosed, but private enough for customers to enjoy their meals. If you prefer a completely private dining room, a special room with a private entrance is also available.

Semi-private dining areas in Yazawa Saigon are separated with partitions | Source: Yazawa Saigon

Location: 219 Dien Bien Phu Street, District 3.
Contact: Facebook

4. Kitchen Seoul

Located in the heart of Thao Dien, Kitchen Seoul is one of the finest Korean Aged Beef BBQ in Saigon. This K-BBQ place attracts many locals and Koreans for its technique of home ageing beef. The restaurant dry-ages their own beef and pork by hanging the meat in open air to slowly dehydrate at the temperature just above freezing, resulting in tender meat with intense flavors. Another ageing technique they use is to vacuum-seal the meat in plastic and store in a fridge for enzymes to tenderize it.

Kitchen Seoul’s interiors are pleasant and eye-catching. | Source: Kitchen Seoul

Kitchen Seoul decoration is charming and elegant using muted color tones and marble patterns as the main decor theme. This is a perfect place for a loving family dinner or an intimate reunion of friends. The restaurants offer ten private dining rooms which can accommodate up to 22 people. Diners can also sit upstairs at the omakase-style seating bar, where they watch the chefs prepare their meals.

Location: 10A Võ Trường Toản Street, District 2.
Contact: Facebook

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