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Music Is Meditation: Leptoni Audio's High-Fidelity Amplifiers

We’re surrounded by sound—the looping recorded voice of the bap xao seller; the honking of motorbike horns; the distorted noise coming out of speakers at the doors of an electrical store. But there’s the particular arrangement of sounds that we call music. And it’s strongly connected to the way we feel. Like the famous quote says: “Music knows the kind of mood I’m in better than I do.” The age of digital music—the first MP3 player called the MPMan was […]

Where Bartenders Eat: A Saigon Foodie Guide

Bartenders make for some of the best food critics. For one, they value their evening hours more than most. With maybe one night off per week they tend to choose where to eat very carefully. And they appreciate the subtle interplay of flavors too. The commonalities between a well-balanced dish and a well-balanced cocktail are obvious. Plus, their working hours mean that while most of us are sleeping they’re out looking for the best late-night bites. A Saigon Foodie Guide […]

How I Manage: Getting Comfortable With John Reeves At Reeves Design

The choice was a straightforward one: stay in Northumbria and take the keys to an artisanal furniture workshop or move to Vietnam and work as design developer and quality control manager for Julian Chichester Design. “I’d already had inklings that production was moving to Asia,” John Reeves remembers, “so I took the decision to move here too.” Almost as soon as he had, one of the table designs that he’d been taking around furniture fairs received attention from Heal’s, the […]

Reaching For The Sky With Elite Athletics Coach David Greenfield

“I’ll control how you eat, sleep, and work,” David Greenfield promises a new trainee, “so I hope you like getting Whatsapp messages.” Today is “interview day” and so the class is a mix of experienced athletes like distance runner Chi Nguyen who has just won the Garmin Vietnam 10km race and potential new recruits—if they impress the coach enough. Born and raised in Jamaica, Greenfield was a college lacrosse player and then a dancer in New York before discovering the […]

From Playing Around To A Penguin Classic: Tim Allen’s The Song of Kiều

“The Song of Kiều” has been called Vietnam’s greatest work of literature and its author, Nguyen Du, has been likened to Shakespeare. Penguin Classics are publishing a new translation of “The Song of Kieu” on 25th April by author Tim Allen who, in the process of the project, became something of an evangelist for “Truyện Kiều”—the Vietnamese name for the poem . “I would tell anyone who would listen about this fantastic Vietnamese poem which nobody seemed to have heard […]

Apollo English: Khalid Muhmood and Arabella Peters Explain How The Institution Took Off

Over 20 years ago, Apollo English opened the first entirely foreign-owned language center in Vietnam. With the country reaching its current economic tipping point, it’s easy to forget the difficulties foreign companies faced starting business here during the 1990s. In fact, Apollo English opened the same year Trung Nguyen launched their first coffee shop in Ho Chi Minh City—two openings that prefigured the rapid economic expansion of the 2000s. Behind Apollo are Khalid Muhmood and Arabella Peters. Khalid first visited […]