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Secret Garden Restaurant - Review


Secret Garden Restaurant is a favorite among travelers and locals for being one of the top choices for a traditional Vietnamese meal in Ho Chi Minh City.


Secret Garden Restaurant, an authentic Vietnamese home-cooked restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Placed atop an old French heritage building, this rooftop restaurant features rooftop views of the city. In addition to the vibe of the restaurant, you can hear the buzzing of the motorbikes and the streetside vendors below. It’s one of my favorite al fresco dining options in Ho Chi Minh City.

Why We Like It

The kitschy, yet international vibe of the crowd combined with the quality food makes it a hit among travelers and locals alike. The prices are fair. At the end of the day, the restaurant delivers value and is a nice option to have on a cool, dry evening in Ho Chi Minh City.

A negative in some people’s book, the restaurant sits on the rooftop of a seven or eight story old French heritage building. There’s no elevator. For many, it’s a fun journey up to the top. You’ll pass by decades old tenants in their apartments and their cats. You’ll pass by the old French interior design. It all leads up to the expectation of the restaurant at the top which is an entirely different vibe in itself.

Tips for a Great Experience

Always make reservations, especially on weekends. It’s one of the most popular Vietnamese restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City. You’ll find a mostly international crowd here on any day of the week. I can’t recommend going here during the rainy season, the open air atmosphere can make for wet dinner plans. I would also caution going here during lunch or a warm evening, since there’s no air conditioning. If you’re going for a business meeting, make sure you’re not dressed in a suit.

On a cool, dry evening, Secret Garden has one of the best, unbeatable vibes for a traditional Vietnamese dining experience. It’s also worth noting that the restaurant is up a series of stairs in an old and dimly lit building that is inaccessible for people with disabilities.

Need to Know

Locations: Top Floor, 158 Pasteur, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Hours: 08:00 – 22:00, daily

Price: $$

Best sellers: canh chua (sour soup)

X-factor: it’s on an open air rooftop. Not the best spot to be in a rainstorm, but otherwise a nice al fresco option in Ho Chi Minh City



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