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Jul 04, 2019

Spice Up Your Summer With Vibeji

There are 10+ unique activities and a free-flow drinking party after to conclude our July Summer Vibes campaign on LandedVibe.

Spice Up Your Summer With Vibeji

Spice Up Your Summer With Vibeji0

This summer, Vibeji is putting together a July Summer Vibes campaign featuring 10+ unique activities organized by awesome hosts in the city of Saigon and a free-flow drinking party after to sum up. Here at Vietcetera, we round up some of the experiences that you should be looking out for this July.

Sofia Holt – July 11

Personalize your favorite things with your self-made stamp

Spice Up Your Summer With Vibeji1

Fancy crafting your very unique stamp while sipping a glass of wine in an inspiring studio? This will be the perfect little branding gadget to personalize your everyday items (who wouldn’t love a customized carved stamp on their favorite things?)

Queenie Zeng – July 13

Make custom-shade lipsticks for you and your special someone

Spice Up Your Summer With Vibeji2

Immerse yourself in this dreamy journey of making your 2 favorite lipstick shades using only natural ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil, beeswax and avocado oil. Get to spoil yourself or loved ones with the finished dazzling lipsticks.

Huyen Ho – July 14

Walk the hidden alleys and create amazing retro pictures with analog photography

Spice Up Your Summer With Vibeji3

Stroll around some of the coolest local areas in Saigon and take amazing vintage shots using an analog camera (We’ll teach you the basics and hands-on tips so don’t worry!) Awake your photographic soul and make new friends along the way.

Harley Pham – July 17

Let’s sneak in some of my favorite hidden rooftops and have drinks!

Spice Up Your Summer With Vibeji4

The most exotic way to enjoy the bustling Saigon nightlife. Get to sneak in several secret rooftop places (not many people know about these hidden gems), enjoy ice cold beers and mingle through the evening/night.

Jesse Selvagn – July 18

Explore the Craft and Culture of Japanese Whisky

Spice Up Your Summer With Vibeji5

If you have a thing for whisky, join me in this exploratory taste and scent experience and indulge some of my favourite Japanese Whiskies (6 to be precise). This interactive learning, whisky-ful tasting and fun chat session will surely be one to remember.

Lam Vissay – July 19

Compose your own song in a beautiful musical night with Lam Vissay

Spice Up Your Summer With Vibeji6

There will be guitars provided, with some wine or whiskey. What is your ideal musical night? Are you a music lover who has always written your own tunes? Perhaps, this night is made for you. Join with a few more artistic friends and sing it out with Lam Vissay, a professional singer/songwriter.

Jia Hann Tan – July 20

Archery Quidditch Tournament – Which House are you?

Spice Up Your Summer With Vibeji7

Calling out to all the Harry Potter fans out there to join this Quidditch archery game. We will immerge in this magical tournament between the Hogwarts houses and see who is the best (yes, even Hufflepuff). Bring a friend, sip some drinks and enjoy the archery magic!

Tien Huynh – July 20

Jazzy fashion night: suit talk, mingle and casual posing for great instagrammable pics

Spice Up Your Summer With Vibeji8

This activity is a sweet mix between an insightful men/women suit talk and a casual photoshoot session. As a fashion designer who is also Miss Sport of Miss Universe in 2017, Tien will have a lot to share with you.

What else is cooler than making new friends, learning about suits while having a drink to mingle with nice people in a jazzy lounge? You will also finish the night with very instagrammable photos for yourself.

Thao Dang – July 21

Challenge yourself with Vietnam silversmith techniques and make your own silver ring!

Spice Up Your Summer With Vibeji9

Let’s start off with a quickie intro about the culture of Vietnam’s silversmith, then challenge yourself by making a real silver ring using your own handy hands. Plus, the best ring maker will be awarded, totally could be you!

Tri Lecao – July 25

Light up the Saigon Night Sky with your Halo Ring.

Spice Up Your Summer With Vibeji10

Probably the quirkiest in the bunch. Hosted by Vibeji’s founding team who are masters in all thing quirky and fun. We will help you do instagrammable photos in the hidden foreshore of District 2 while sipping some cold beers and enjoying background jazzy/funky music.

Mike Hoang – July 26

Cigar vibes – experience a cigar with Mike as a Vietnamese millennial cigar lover

Spice Up Your Summer With Vibeji11

What’s a better way to chill thru the night with a lovely roll of cigar, and surround by great mates. When people hear about cigars, most tend to think it is reserved just for older generations, however this isn’t the case. Instead of considering the right age, how about I rather show you the right drinks, right music or right location to enjoy a cigar properly.

Rei Nguyen – July 27

Ladies, let’s create irresistible charm with your own perfume

Spice Up Your Summer With Vibeji12

Craft your own attractive scent through this “perfumery” journey with Rei Nguyen (host of various scent workshops, seminars and exhibitions across Japan and Vietnam). This will be the finest way to hear what your true self and scent says!

Lee Wessels – July 28

Spice Up Your Summer With Vibeji13

Let’s take up some spray cans and get on the streets! We will gather in an urban skate park and indulge in the history of street art from the view of Saigon’s finest aerosol artist. With some basic techniques, you will create your own graffiti art on a canvas and a shirt for you to take home.

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