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Jun 27, 2019

The Best Beaches In Quy Nhon

The coastal city Quy Nhon is known for its pristine beaches and picturesque landscapes. Here are our picks of beaches in Quy Nhon and how to get there.

The Best Beaches In Quy Nhon

The Best Beaches In Quy Nhon0

The beaches in Quy Nhon are undoubtedly the key appeal for visitors to this beautiful, untouched seaside city. Unlike its neighbouring cities Nha Trang and Hoi An where tourism has exploded, you can often find a whole beach to yourself. From the beautiful and well-maintained beach in the heart of the city to lesser-known beaches, there are beaches in Quy Nhon that will suit every holiday experience.

The Best Beaches In Quy Nhon1
The beaches of Quy Nhon are undoubtedly its key appeal for visitors.

Here are our picks of the top six beaches in Quy Nhon and how you can get there.

Bai Xep Beach

Located 13 kilometres south of Quy Nhon town center along the winding coastal road, Bai Xep is a small bustling fishing village consisting of a maze of tiny alleys and teeming with life.

Bai Xep Beach is an incredible golden bay bordered by dramatic jagged rocks at either end. The water is a clear blue and the crescent shaped bay provides enough shelter for swimming. Littered with traditional Vietnamese basket boats, there’s an authentic, local feel that’s not yet lost to tourism. While it is possible that you might finding yourself sharing the beach with a handful of others, it is never crowded and there are plenty of spots to sit.

The Best Beaches In Quy Nhon2
Bai Xep Beach is an incredible golden bay littered with traditional Vietnamese basket boats.

Right on the beach is a charming little guesthouse befittingly named ‘Life’s a Beach’. Run by an English couple who first visited in 2013 and fell in love with the area, it has boosted tourism for this tiny fishing village and provided a range of opportunities for the locals. If you’re just visiting the beach for the day, you can still park up and enjoy the views with a beer or cocktail.

Just across the water you’ll be able to see Hon Ngang and Hon Dat islands. If you’re spending some time here, the guesthouse can arrange a 3-hour boat tour of the islands which includes snorkeling and a BBQ on board. It’ll cost you roughly 100,000 vnd ($4.30 USD) per person with minimum of four people.

The Best Beaches In Quy Nhon3
The crescent shaped bay at Bai Xep Beach provides good shelter for swimming.

If you are arriving at the beach by taxi, they will need to drop you off at the top of the hill as the alleys are too narrow. However, it is only a short two minute walk from the entrance of the village down to the beach.

Quy Hoa Beach

Also on the coastal road to the south of Quy Nhon is Quy Hoa Beach, a long, sandy beach sheltered by trees along the side. This stunning beach stretches for over a kilometer and is often completely empty on weekdays. It’s the perfect, peaceful escape from Quy Nhon city, while not losing sight of the cityscape.

The Best Beaches In Quy Nhon4
Quy Hoa Beach is the perfect, peaceful escape from the city, while still giving you a view of the cityscape.

While the beach itself is certainly worth visiting, what sets it apart from the other beaches in Quy Nhon is the quiet, shady streets throughout the village. Take a stroll around and you’ll find a number of shops, cafes and small colourful houses. It’s also home to the well-known Quy Hoa Leprosy Hospital which was opened by a French priest in 1929, as well as the first resting place of famous Vietnamese poet Han Mac Tu.

Towards the northern end of Quy Hoa beach, a memorial park has been established with dozens of busts to commemorate the socialist party leaders, scientists, social activists and humanitarians who contributed to helping leprosy patients. Surrounding the Catholic church are also statues of well-known religious figures. Trees neatly line the beachfront and there’s a couple of viewing platforms and benches to stop and enjoy the view.

The Best Beaches In Quy Nhon5
At Quy Hoa beach, there are a couple of viewing platforms for enjoying the view.

The village and beach is about 10 kilometers south of Quy Nhon city center. The streets in the village are clearly marked with signs to guide visitors to important landmarks and the beach can be easily accessed via multiple roads. While often unattended, there’s a small gate on each road leading to the beach where you may be stopped and charged a small fee for entry.

Queen Beach (Bai Trung)

Queen Beach (or Bãi tắm Hoàng Hậu in Vietnamese) is named in memory of the last Vietnamese Emperor’s wife Queen Nam Phuong, who chose the beach as a favourite resting place from her royal duties. Its large round rocks also give the beach the local name ‘Bai Trung’ or ‘Stone Egg Beach’ for their resemblance to giant eggs.

The Best Beaches In Quy Nhon6
Queen Beach is also known as ‘Bai Trung’ to the locals due to the large round rocks and their resemblance to giant eggs.

While this is not a swimming beach, it’s a stunning spot to relax, watch the crashing waves and enjoy the dramatic coastal views. You may also see a few fishermen out on the rocks waiting patiently with their rods in the water.

Queen’s Beach is accessed through entry into Ghenh Rang Landscape Park. From the park entrance, you can follow the road up the hill, and pass a couple of cafes and restaurants before reaching the stone steps which lead down to the beach. The gardens in this park are also worth exploring and consist of countless pathways which lead to hidden terraces. Work is currently being undertaken to improve the gardens and restore them to their former glory.

The Best Beaches In Quy Nhon7
Staircase leading to Vietnamese Poet Han Mac Tu’s tomb in Ghenh Rang Landscape Park.

Stop for a drink at Cafe Giai Khat if you have time to spare. The open courtyard offers incredible views of Quy Nhon Beach and the city.

If you’re coming from Quy Nhon city, the park is situated at the south end near the end of the beach promenade. Continue past Royal Hotel and you will reach a gate with the sign ‘Khu Du Lịch Ghềnh Ráng’. If you are arriving by motorbike, you can park near the gate for 10,000 vnd ($0.4 USD). There is a ticket booth and you may be required to pay a small fee to access the beach and surrounding park. However, it is often empty and the parking ladies will wave for you to walk right through the gate.

Access to Queen Beach is also possible from the north end of Quy Hoa beach. This is roughly a two kilometer walk.

Eo Gio

About 20 kilometers north east of Quy Nhon city, across the Thi Nai bridge is Eo Gio. Perfect for those looking for something other than white sandy beaches, Eo Gio instead offers a dramatic rocky coastline with well-made tracks to explore the hills and caves.

The Best Beaches In Quy Nhon8
Eo Gio offers a dramatic rocky coastline with well-made tracks to explore the hills and caves.

Along the coast, a concrete walkway hugs the cliffs and offers stunning views of the rugged coastline. This eventually leads to a small rocky cove and from there you can boulder-hop to continue further along the beach. The terrain is rugged and interesting, and there’s plenty of goats wandering around the hillside.

The Best Beaches In Quy Nhon9
The concrete walkway hugs the cliffs and leads down to a small rocky cove.

Alternatively, from the lookout at the top of the hill there’s also a path leading down the beach. While you can’t swim at this rocky beach, you can explore the rock pools and watch locals collect seafood.

If you are taking a taxi to Eo Gio it is a good idea to ask the driver to wait for you, as it can be quite hard finding another taxi to bring you back to Quy Nhon city center. Tickets for the beach can be purchased at the ticket booth in the carpark for 25,000 vnd ($1.05 USD)

For those wanting to spend the night against this beautiful backdrop, tents can be hired from the ticket booth at 350,000 vnd ($15 USD) for a small 4-person tent or 850,000 vnd ($36.50 USD) for a 10-person tent. This includes blankets and pillows.

Ky Co

Nestled between steep rocky cliffs with golden sand and turquoise water, Ky Co is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular beaches in Quy Nhon, and perhaps Vietnam. Popular with local tourists and quickly gaining attention from international tourists, the beach is very much pristine and unspoilt.

The Best Beaches In Quy Nhon10
Nestled between steep rocky cliffs, Ky Co Beach is very much pristine and unspoilt.

With a wide stretch of sand and palm frond shelters scattered along the beach, there’s plenty of space for the few visitors to settle in, go for a swim and enjoy their own space. If you feel like exploring more and escaping others altogether, wander further to the south and you’ll find a number of secluded coves and rock pools.

Access to Ky Co beach is not easy and that’s probably one factor that’s keeping the beach more isolated and less busy. During summer months, you can take a speedboat from Nhon Ly Village for 150,000 vnd ($6.40 USD) per person. It’s a 10 minute ride and a great way to enjoy the views. However, during winter months the waves are too strong and the boats are not allowed to operate. Instead, there are a couple of options you can take.

The Best Beaches In Quy Nhon11
On the south end of Ky Co Beach, you’ll find secluded coves and rock pools.

Your first option is to ride your motorbike (or taxi) to the carpark at the top of the hill behind Ky Co and take a 4WD down. This will cost 40,000 vnd ($1.70 USD) for a return trip on the 4WD and 60,000 vnd ($2.55 USD) for beach entrance. Alternatively, you can pay a tour company from Eo Gio to take you the entire way. This costs 200,000 vnd ($8.60 USD) and includes transfers from buggies to vans and 4WDs as well as entrance fee for the beach.

Quy Nhon Beach

Stretching the length of the city’s main coastline is yet another pretty, golden sand beach. Often overlooked next to the more secluded beaches around, Quy Nhon beach is very accessible, beautifully maintained and mostly empty during the day. There is also an unbroken promenade that runs alongside the 5 kilometer beach, perfect for a nice walk or bike ride.

The Best Beaches In Quy Nhon12
Right in the heart of the city lies the beautiful and well-maintained Quy Nhon Beach.

The southern half of the beach promenade follows a series of parks with palm trees and traditional style statues. Along the beach, you’ll find designated areas for swimming with a lifeguard present during the day. For your convenience, there are also plenty of bathrooms dotted along the beach.

The Best Beaches In Quy Nhon13
A 5 kilometer unbroken promenade runs alongside Quy Nhon Beach.

Come by in the late afternoon and watch it come to life as the locals play volleyball and do their exercises. On the north end of the beach is Surf Bar (1 & 2), which offer the perfect spot to enjoy a drink of your choosing as you watch the sun set.

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