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Sep 12, 2019

The Hamptons Ho Tram: New Luxuries In A Seaside Community

The Hamptons Ho Tram and Pasteur Street Brewery are at the forefront of the luxurious and affordable resort community emerging on the shorelines of Ho Tram.

The Hamptons Ho Tram: New Luxuries In A Seaside Community

The Hamptons Ho Tram: New Luxuries In A Seaside Community

The Hamptons Ho Tram New Luxuries In A Seaside Community0

Vietnam has 3,260 kilometers of coastline. Yet along this expansive coastline, there are only a few internationally recognized beach destinations. You might imagine that there are a few hidden, white-sand gems yet to be discovered.

Ho Tram is exactly that. A small beach town just under two hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City, there isn’t a whole lot else to do in Ho Tram besides enjoy the beautiful beaches. However, that’s about to change. With the recent introduction of a casino and golf course, Ho Tram has quickly become a destination to watch. And now, with real estate developer Tanzanite International staking a claim in the emerging coastal town after its recent opening of the five-star resort Melia Ho Tram, all eyes are set on Tanzanite’s newest development, The Hamptons Ho Tram.

We sit down with managing partner Peter Mach to learn more about the project and why he sees Ho Tram becoming the next iconic destination in Vietnam.

What excited you about Ho Tram the first time you came here?

Ho Tram was never on my radar until a friend encouraged me to check it out. At the time, the roads leading to where we are today were limited. It took up to six hours to get here from Ho Chi Minh City. Yet, when I arrived, I could see the potential of the place. It’s near the city, it offers fantastic weather year-round, and an unbeatable beach environment. It presented us as developers with an opportunity to create a compelling, timeless, and sustainable story from scratch.

So what are you building here? Can you share with us the vision for The Hamptons Ho Tram?

Tanzanite, our development company, seeks to build an integrated, affordable luxury lifestyle for everyone. We’ve recently opened phase one, which is now complete. You can visit today and stay at the five-star Melia Ho Tram resort. Phases two and three will come in the next 18 months, starting with our community market concept and shophouses along the beachfront. With 31 hectares of land and 1.1 kilometers of beach, The Hamptons Ho Tram will offer amenities and facilities that will be able to welcome hospitality concepts of all kinds. There will be a range of leisure activities such as shopping and water sports. We’re looking forward to offering an experience that is as simple as watching a beautiful sunset with your family on the iconic pier we will build, which will have the ability to attract millions of visitors in the future. On the food and beverage side, there will be a diverse range of local and international dining options in the Hamptons Market.

The Hamptons Ho Tram New Luxuries In A Seaside Community1
The Hamptons Ho Tram New Luxuries In A Seaside Community2
Renderings of The Hamptons Ho Tram’s upcoming expansions, including streets and plazas to host a wide range of restaurants, amenities, music and sporting activities.

What sort of experiences can travelers expect at The Hamptons Ho Tram?

We are committed to creating a world class experience for Ho Tram. This commitment involves investing in people, infrastructure, and community. We’ll bring global sporting events, music events, beer, wine and food festivals. All of this will be tied together by curating a range of local brand partners with global reach. For example, we’ll be working with Pasteur Street Brewing as an anchor partner in our next phase of development.

The Hamptons Ho Tram New Luxuries In A Seaside Community3
The Hamptons Ho Tram New Luxuries In A Seaside Community4
Current villas rest amidst lush greenery, adjacent to Ho Tram’s white sands.

Who are some of your partners and what do they see as opportunities in Ho Tram for their brands?

Pasteur Street Brewing’s vision at The Hamptons Ho Tram is to create its first hotel taproom on the beach. The Hamptons is all about delivering an experience that you can’t find anywhere else. And we’re excited to be partnering with Pasteur Street Brewing to deliver the first hotel taproom experience in Asia with a setting that few can beat.

The Hamptons Ho Tram New Luxuries In A Seaside Community5
Pasteur Street Brewing is collaborating with The Hamptons Ho Tram to “deliver the first hotel taproom experience in Asia.”

What other kind of brands should look to Ho Tram for opportunities to expand?

We’re looking to partner with innovative and uncompromising brands, those that are local yet have global appeal and reach. They can be both international and Vietnamese brands. We’re curating a community that will offer the best to any kind of visitor making their way to Ho Tram.

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