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Aug 22, 2019

Top Five Tattoo Places In Hanoi

We showed you five of the best tattoo shops in HCMC. Now, Viecetera introduces five trusted places to get your next ink art done in Hanoi.

Top Five Tattoo Places In Hanoi

Top Five Tattoo Places In Hanoi

Tattoos have always been a popular form of art and a way for people to express themselves. Whether you want to make a large addition to your skin or make just the tiniest inscription, there is a tattoo parlor in Vietnam that can give you the look you want. 

Check out these five places if you happen to be in Hanoi and are interested in getting a tattoo. You’re sure to find among these five, a place that can help you achieve the inked look you’ve been dreaming of.

Silver Ant Tattoo Studio

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There isn’t anything that SIlver Ant Tattoo can’t do. Their gallery features many categories of tattoos ranging from Minimalism to Portrait to Old School and many more. 

They pride themselves in being able to create custom designs for any of their customers. Anything that you think up and imagine can be inked onto your skin at Silver Ant Tattoo. You can place your full trust into the five artists at Silver Ant, each with four or more years of experience.

Their vast gallery allows you to get a good look at what they have to offer before going in for a consultation. For people who are shy of confrontation, you can take your time looking through their impressive gallery before meeting the artists.

Address: Tầng 2, 96 Hàng Mã, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi, Vietnam 10000



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3 INK is where you can get trendy tattoos that you see across Instagram. As a trendy tattoo parlor, this is a good place for those who are new to tattoos. The friendly environment and cleanliness of the shop will make you feel safe in expressing your artistic desires.

Quite a few foreigners are customers to 3 INK so you’ll feel comfortable if your first language isn’t Vietnamese. Whether you’re looking to get something small or a larger image on your body, check out 3 INK and what they can provide.

A very versatile tattoo parlor, 3 INK is a great stop for anyone in Hanoi who wants to get a tattoo.

Address: 29 Hàng Giầy, p. Hàng Buồm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi, Vietnam 100000


La Thanh Tattoo Hanoi

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This tattoo parlor features award winning artists who have been in the Vietnam Tattoo Convention, Vietnam Tattoo EXPO, and much more. You’re sure to have an amazing experience with La Thanh Hanoi and their professionalism.

Each of the artists working here have experience with many different skin types and will be able to cater to your skin whether it is sensitive or not. Before getting a tattoo, many people will worry about the safety of getting their skin inked. At La Thanh Tattoo, there is nothing to worry about.

The artists here are attentive to detail and will give you the custom look that you’ve been craving to have. Stand out from the rest of Vietnam with the help of the talented artists at La Thanh Tattoo Hanoi.

Address: 2nd Floor, 26b Duong Thanh, Hà Nội


Bros Ink

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If you’re into modern and stylish tattoos, then you have to check out Bros Ink’s Instagram and Facebook pages. You’ll find a wide variety of tattoos ranging from minimalist inked looks to more intricate looks. Bros Ink is versatile and can turn your tattoo dreams into reality.

This is a place popular among trendy individuals looking to make themselves more unique by expressing themselves with skin art. Once you start to look through their tattoos, you’ll immediately be drawn to the style. 

Dedicated to tattoo art and giving their customers only the most beautiful tattoos, Bros Ink offers a unique type of tattoo with UV ink. Under a black light, the tattoo will glow. This is perfect for those who are going for a more low-key, yet unique style.

Address: Số 40 Ngõ 12 Láng Hạ, Thành Công, Ba Đình, Hà Nội

Facebook | Instagram

1984 Studio

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At 1984 Studio you’ll find many talented tattoo artists each with their own specialty. This ensures that you will get what you want and with someone with expertise in the desired style. There are nine different artists, each with incredible talent. Consultations are free, so you can feel comfortable coming in to meet an artist and discussing your vision with them.

Since 2015, this tattoo studio has been set on helping people keep their faith as they go through challenges in life. This is a wholesome take on the arts and also what allows 1984 Studio to stand out from the sea of tattoo shops in Hanoi.

Address: 37 Mã Mây / 35 Hàng Buồm, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội


Express yourself through ink

Look through these tattoo parlor’s social media and determine which one fits the style of tattoo that you are looking for. Tattoos still hold a stigma to them, especially in Asian countries. Don’t let that stop you from expressing yourself and adding art to the canvas that is your body. If getting a tattoo is something you want, then be confident and take the first step by choosing a trustworthy tattoo shop in Hanoi. If you are located in Ho Chi Minh City, check out our other article on where to get your next ink.

Written by Lauren Nguyen

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