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Vietcetera Visits: Maia Resort Quy Nhon's Gastronomy-Led Design

We take you on a tour of the sophisticated all-villa Maia Resort Quy Nhon in Phuong Mai Bay as part of the Vietcetera Visits series.

On World Peace Day, Pizza 4P’s Urges Unity Through ‘Peace Pizza’ And Art

On September 21st, Pizza 4P’s kicks off a week-long celebration with a series of events where the message of peace will be shared through food creations and art installations.

Fusion’s Newest Brand Addition, Maia Resort Quy Nhon, Is All Set For Its Soft-opening

Fusion Hotel Group’s newest addition, Maia Resort Quy Nhon, is raring to go for its soft-opening this August.

AMA Education Foundation: Helping Students in Vietnam During A Pandemic

Dedicated to giving back to aspiring teachers and students, AMA Education Foundation lends a helping hand during the Covid-19 pandemic, from anti-bacterial masks to English competitions and scholarships.

Out Of The Village: Toan Vo On Bootstrapping His Way To Success

Born in a small village in Ha Tinh, near Ke Go lake, Toan Vo’s career prospects were limited: working for industrial factories in Vietnam’s South or becoming a construction worker. We trace his journey from aspiring to become a modern-day Võ Quý (an acclaimed Vietnamese ornithologist) to living the American Dream – with a high-powered job, a green card and a white-picket-fence house he shares with his wife.

Homebound: Overseas Vietnamese Students On Making The Big Leap To Return

Have the astounding economic growth and the increase in living standards swayed overseas students’ decision not to return home post-graduation? Vietcetera asks five Vietnamese Gen Zers and Millennials about their plans.

Best Ever Food Review Show: Why This YouTuber Still Calls Vietnam Home

We catch up with Sonny as the American YouTuber is now firmly established in Saigon with his Best Ever Food Review Show.

In Conversation With Tien Ma: On Race, Culture And Belonging

In our new Minority Report series, we bring you candid conversations on race, culture and belonging with Vietnamese and Asians living and working in other countries. We ask Tien Ma, Berlin-based Director for Europe with Redhill, a global communications agency, about her upbringing, aspirations and how being a minority influenced her professional development and career path.