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Mar 08, 2016

Upcoming Vietnamese Businesses and Brands

Neue Niche Vietnam. These business are still obsessed with aesthetic, authenticity, and craft. But they’re also smaller, local, collaborative.

Upcoming Vietnamese Businesses and Brands

Neue Vietnam.

Two years ago, I wrote about a wave of upcoming Vietnamese businesses and brands with a passion for aesthetic, authenticity, and craft. A passion that has brought fans from around the world. They were part of what I called Neue Vietnam.

Today, I want to shine light on a few new brands and individuals that are making waves. A tremor, unnoticed by the masses and tourists, but felt by those who live underground (and online.)

Neue Niche Vietnam.

These businesses are still obsessed with aesthetic, authenticity, and craft. But they’re also smaller, local, and more collaborative. Like a gang of creative entrepreneurs who band together to punch above their weight. I’m calling them Neue Niche Vietnam. I believe they’re crucial to the creative, maybe even economic, development of the country.

Upcoming Vietnamese businesses and brands.

Fuzzy Logic Brewing Co. (Craft Beer)

(Honorable mention: Pasteur Street Brewery, famous these days)

A craft beer brewery. They’ve been brewing for years now. But I’ve only been introduced to their IPAs and pale ales after visiting Pasteur Street Brewery and Bia Craft.

Authentique Home (Home Decor)

Kinfolk-ready home decor suppliers. Beautiful arrangements and photography. The presentation is as beautiful as the products themselves.

Hey Camel Ceramics (Ceramics)

Hey Camel sells custom ceramics and provides workshops on how to make them. With the right investor, this could be the next great home decor brand and lifestyle.

THUC (Fashion)

THUC’s clothing is closer to a work of art. It’s surreal and unlike a host of other “designers” out there. It wouldn’t seem out of place down an alley in Tokyo.

Crazy Monkey Box (Projection Mapping)

One of the first to bring this new media discipline to Vietnam’s nightlife and art scene. Crazy Monkey deserves a high five for popularizing this art form with his frequent collaborations with both artists and brands.

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