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Vietnam Restaurant Week 2022: A Lovely Brunch For A Lazy Weekend

Brunch, a late breakfast and an early lunch, is perfect to save you more time in bed on weekends. Here are five restaurants that provide some of the best brunches in Saigon.
Vietnam Restaurant Week 2022: A Lovely Brunch For A Lazy Weekend

Source: Loi Phan

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"Brunch" – something between breakfast and lunch – is a perfect mealtime for those who love spending more time in bed on weekends. First appearing in the 1890s, brunch (which was originally just a suggestion for those who drank a lot on a Saturday night) has gradually become a unique culinary culture in many countries, especially among the new generation.

A meal with light dishes but still delicious and filling enough to satisfy your stomach and recharge yourself after a long week, why not?

Here are some of our most recommended brunch spots around Saigon that serve incredibly palatable dishes in a truly relaxing and laid-back setting — just how we want our weekends to be.

CTY Kitchen + Bar

Walking through the door of CTY, you will be welcomed to a minimalist space, featuring wooden furniture and the greenery of potted tropical plants. At the center is a small fish pond glittering in the sunshine, giving CTY a lively and cozy atmosphere.

Another eye-catching spot at CTY is the in-door bar and a wide selection of wine and champagne stored neatly in the glorious cabinet. Whether you opt for a brunch while working, a get-together, or just simply a chilling time, CTY won’t let you down.

titleSource CTY Kitchen Bar Source CTY Kitchen Bar
Source: CTY Kitchen + Bar

During the day, CTY offers customers a unique fusion menu with various dishes — from vegan to non-vegan — of many different cuisines. You can try the Japanese-inspired Sando sandwich, or the Sichuan-inspired vegetarian Mazemen, and then wrap up with a refreshing Sydney watermelon cake dessert.

Find CTY Kitchen + Bar at:

Address: 145 Hai Ba Trung, District 3

Contact: 0938 705 614

Opening hours: 8:00 - 22:00

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P’ti Saigon

P'ti will bring you to far-away modern France through its thoughtfully-appointed French interior setting, creating a relaxed atmosphere. With the concept of "festival" - Festive Dining, P'ti serves not just good foods, good drinks, but good fashion, too. Diners can enjoy their meals while attending a fashion show hosted right in the restaurant.

P'ti is famous for its premium Sunday brunch buffet, offering a variety of dishes from fresh seafood, sashimi, cheese, smoked ham paired with a selection of wines and cocktails.

titleSource Pti Saigon Source Pti Saigon
Source: P'ti Saigon

Find P'ti Saigon at:

Address: 52 Ngo Quang Huy, District 2

Contact: 078 462 6386

Opening hours: 11:00 - 14:30 and 17:00 - 21:00

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As its name suggests, Veganizta is a vegan restaurant providing healthy dishes with unique and diverse flavors. It has two floors decorated in tropical style, mixed with bright lovely pastel hues.

Veganizta's vegetarian menu is varied from European to Asian dishes and creative drinks. Here, you can choose a veggie burger for brunch, or Laksa noodles — a combination of Tomyum and spicy curry — and a set of four colorful vegetarian dessert Pettit Fours.

titleSource Veganizta Source Veganizta
Source: Veganizta

Find Veganizta at:

Address: Crescent Residence 1, CR1-05, 103 Ton Dat Tien, District 7

Contact: 096 983 54 80

Opening hours: 11:00 - 21:00 (closed on Mondays)

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Vintage Emporium

Vintage Emporium is a coffee shop that embodies the spirit of the Sydney lifestyle. Aiming to create a vintage ambiance, its setting is decorated with wooden furniture, arched door frames or typical floral brick background.

titleSource Vintage Emporium Source Vintage Emporium
Source: Vintage Emporium

Vintage Emporium specializes in Sydney-style brunch dishes. Some of its must-try items are the creamy scrambled egg with crab meat and novel sour cream, or the perfectly cooked Moroccan poached egg served with Moroccan tomato sauce and feta cheese, plus a sweet Pink Latte embellished with dried flowers.

Find Vintage Emporium at:


  • Vintage Emporium Dakao: 95B Nguyen Van Thu, District 1 (Contact: 090 441 31 48)
  • Vintage Emporium Thao Dien: 1 Street 39, Thu Duc City (Contact: 090 941 01 48)
  • Vintage Beachouse: 59 Ngo Tat To, Binh Thanh District (Contact: 0906 931 005)

Opening hours: 8:00 - 16:00

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Hoa Vien Craft Brewery Restaurant

Inspired by Czech restaurants in the early last century, Hoa Vien’s ancient setting incorporates wooden and copper furniture. The restaurant also has a Czech beer brewing line on the premises, making it the first beer brewery restaurant in Vietnam.

titleSource Hoa Vien Craft Brewery Restaurant Source Hoa Vien Craft Brewery Restaurant
Source: Hoa Vien Craft Brewery Restaurant

The menu is very diverse for you to have a hearty brunch and perfect to savor with a sip of beer. Some of their signature dishes are dry-aged beef, ribs grilled with beer, Gulas beef stew served with traditional Knedliky of Czech cuisine.

You can also enjoy your meal while watching Hoa Vien's exclusive brewing process and hand-pump yourself some fresh new beers.

Find Hoa Vien Craft Brewery Restaurant at:


  • Tang Bat Ho Garden, Hanoi: 1A Tang Bat Ho, Hai Ba Trung District (Contact: 024 3972 5088)
  • Hoa Vien Minh Khai, HCMC: 18 Bis Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, District 1 (Contact: 028 3829 0585)
  • Hoa Vien Pho Quang, HCMC: 16 Pho Quang, Tan Binh District (Contact: 028 3997 7666)

Opening hours: 10:00 - 23:00

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Translated by Bich Tram