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Feb 14, 2022

Vietnamese Use Dating Apps To Make New Friends, Study Finds

Tinder is the most popular and most preferred dating app by the millennials and urbanites, according to Decision Lab’s Valentine’s Day special report.
Vietnamese Use Dating Apps To Make New Friends, Study Finds

Source: Tin Phung for Vietcetera

Contrary to what’s expected when someone logs in to a dating app, a new survey found that 48% of Vietnamese respondents are looking for new friends, not romance.

Market research firm Decision Lab released on Monday its ‘Dating Apps in Vietnam’ report and revealed that only 39% are searching for dates, 35% for long-term relationships, and 34% for networking. 24% answered friends with benefits, and 15% for one-night stand.

The new report, published on Valentine’s Day, aims to shed more light on how the Vietnamese online population navigates the online dating apps scene.

While wearing masks and social distancing are still required across Vietnam, this year’s celebration remains a significant day for couples, lovers, and those looking to find meaningful connections. In fact, 65% of the Vietnamese population are using at least one dating app, the report added.

As for their choice of app, 21% of the respondents use Tinder; 19% use Messaging apps like Messenger and Zalo; 17% use Facebook’s digital dating product Facebook Dating; OkCupid and both got 7%. Similarly, 56% of the single population takes advantage of dating apps to find love.

If you’ve already blocked your evening and confirmed your reservation at your favorite restaurants, good for you. As for the rest who are still looking for a romantic connection or just someone they can tag along for tonight’s party, perhaps the answer is on your smartphones.

They say love knows no boundary or language. And with the many dating apps ready to be downloaded for free, those barriers mean nothing for anyone looking for the one. Dating apps allow one to meet and interact with like-minded people — virtually at first, and relatively risk-free.

Source: Tin Phung for Vietcetera

In Vietnam, Tinder (22%), Messaging apps (21%) and Facebook Dating (17%) are the most preferred dating platforms among Vietnamese users. OkCupid (5%) and Blued (4%) also made it to the list.

With over 6.5 million monthly downloads in May 2021, Tinder is also the world’s most downloaded dating app. First released in April 2012 and arrived in Vietnam in 2019, the American company introduced the swiping model, with people anonymously indicating who they are interested in.

Per the report, Tinder is a lot more popular for Millennials and urbanites while Gen X and Baby Boomers prefer Messaging apps.

Decision Lab’s report also revealed Vietnamese users have high levels of engagement with dating apps, 28% access the app more than once a day; 19% use 2-3 times weekly and 15% use their preferred dating app once a day a week. When using their favorite dating apps, Gen Z consumers spend more time in one session than Gen X & Y.

The report also showed how Vietnamese users take 10 days of chatting before initiating a meetup. On average, one week is the average virtual time spent before going on the first date. This indicates Vietnamese users take the time to get to know and build trust between potential partners.

Talking about dates, 58% of Vietnamese men are more willing to pay for the date themselves. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to split the bill evenly.