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Mar 05, 2022

Vietnam’s First High-End Airline Gets Ready For Takeoff

Sun Air will be soaring the skies from the third quarter of 2022, starting with two Gulfstream G650ER business jets.
Vietnam’s First High-End Airline Gets Ready For Takeoff

Sun Group is setting its sights on the sky as it formally announces its airline venture, Sun Air. | Source: Sun Group

Sun Group, one of the largest real estate developers in Vietnam, is setting its sights on the sky as it formally announces its airline venture. Earlier this week, Sun Group officially launched Sun Air, the first luxury carrier in the country.

The airline will provide personalized and specialized services, with two main types: private aircraft management services and private aircraft services (charter flights, sightseeing flights, tours by helicopter, and seaplanes).

Exploiting the private jet charter segment, Sun Air will develop various routes to bring luxurious experiences to high-end passengers around the world. Some of the airline's charters will include the Gulfstream G650ER and Gulfstream G700 business jets with international flying range, state-of-art technology, and elite cabin space.

From the third quarter of 2022, Sun Air will operate two Gulfstream G650ER business jets. Each jet can hold up to 17 sitting or 6-8 sleeping passengers. According to Gulfstream, this model possesses a maximum range of 7,500 nm and cruise altitude of 51,000 ft, with the highest operating speed of 0.925 Mach. In the period of 2023-2025, the company plans to put into operation four Gulfstream G650ER, one Gulfstream G700, one helicopter, and two seaplanes.

In the future, Sun Group's airline is expected to run more aircraft of the highest class in the line of business jets, such as Boeing BBJ or Airbus ACJ, which are considered “flying palaces" in the aviation industry.

For over 10 years now, Sun Group has established properties and projects in various fields, including leisure travel and infrastructure investment. It owns the world-famous Sun World Ba Na Hills and the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort. Now with its own air service, Sun Group aims to create seamless, safe, exclusive and opulent experiences for its customers.

The birth of Sun Air will not only lay the foundation for a high-end airline brand in Vietnam but also bring the country's luxurious tourism sector to stronger growth momentum.

Over the last decade, Vietnam's aircraft industry has witnessed many changes as Vietnam Airlines is no longer the sole brand on the market. In 2011, Vietjet Air made its appearance to the public as the first private airline. Eight years later, in 2019, FLC Group also launched Bamboo Airways, making it the first hybrid airline (combining traditional and low-cost). Last year, Vietravel Airlines by Vietravel went into operation with its headquarter in Hue.

The introduction of Sun Air to the market marks new progress in the aviation industry, and in Vietnam’s travel sector.