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Apr 03, 2024

VinFast Opens First Dealer Store In Indonesia

The dealership, located in Depok City, west of Jakarta, is operated by their partner, PT Gallerie Setia Utama.
VinFast Opens First Dealer Store In Indonesia

Source: VinFast

Vietnamese carmaker VinFast has just opened its first dealership in Indonesia. This exciting news was announced by VinFast in a statement on Tuesday. The dealership, located in Depok City, west of Jakarta, is operated by their partner, PT Gallerie Setia Utama.

Initially, the dealership will showcase two of VinFast’s smart electric vehicles (EVs), the VF 5 and VF e34. Alongside displaying the cars, the dealership will offer professional advice, sales services, and customer care.

VinFast has big plans for expanding its EV distribution network across major cities in Indonesia throughout 2024. This move is in response to the growing demand for electric vehicles among customers.

Nguyen Ngoc Chuc, Deputy CEO of VinFast Indonesia, expressed his excitement about the dealership’s opening, stating that it marks a significant step in their journey to provide high-quality electric vehicles and top-notch after-sales service to Indonesian consumers. He also highlighted that the VF 5 and VF e34, with their modern designs tailored to local preferences, are set to lead the way for VinFast’s future models and contribute to the growth of the electric vehicle industry in Indonesia.

Yance, CEO of PT Gallerie Setia Utama, expressed his company’s pride in being the first to operate a VinFast dealership in Indonesia. He assured customers of their commitment to providing an excellent buying and ownership experience for VinFast electric vehicles, boasting a team of professional and enthusiastic staff alongside a modern infrastructure system.

VinFast recently introduced its VF e34 model in Indonesia at a price of 315,000,000 IDR ($19,807), accompanied by a unique battery subscription policy aimed at making EV ownership more affordable and accessible. The company also offers a generous ten-year warranty on the VF e34, along with complimentary battery maintenance and free replacement if the capacity drops below 70 percent.

Furthermore, VinFast is focused on building a convenient charging network for Indonesian customers. The company’s founder has announced the establishment of V-GREEN Global Charging Station Development Company, with plans to expand charging stations in key markets worldwide, including Indonesia.

Apart from Indonesia, VinFast is expanding its presence into neighboring Asian countries like India, Thailand, and the Philippines, as well as into the Middle East and Africa. Additionally, outside of Vietnam, VinFast is working on establishing EV manufacturing plants in the United States, India, and Indonesia. This reflects the company’s ambitious plans for growth and expansion in the global electric vehicle market.