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W Bakes - Review


Started by serial small business entrepreneur Laure Chevallier, W Bakes offers an inventive and creative twist to traditional pastry concepts. Through writing this article, I learned that her best memories involve pastries and the people she shares them with. Anytime, anywhere. And in a very French way, she’s building this business to demonstrate her love for “joie de vivre.”

W Bakes, a bakery e-shop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Why We Like It

The pastries are good. The presentation is better.

The Italian Stallion (aka tiramisu) features coffee infused ladyfingers with a dusting of duo chocolate flakes. The Autumn in Kyoto option boasts a red velvet and matcha entremet. The crumble topping offers a crunchy kick to it that no other red velvet cakes can in Ho Chi Minh City. At prices ranging from 35,000 VND to 85,000 VND, W Bakes offers good value.

The Work Cafe in Bitexco also offers a loyalty stamp card. For every four purchases, you’re given a small treat. For many office professionals around Bitexco, it’s become one of their loyal cafe and small treat afternoon spots.

The generous seating, open design, and modern touch offered by Nest by AIA, where Work is located, also takes the presentation of W Bakes up a notch. If you’re not around the area, you can opt for delivery. W Bakes is optimized for the online ordering experience. They take order on their websiteFacebook Messenger and telephone.

Tips for a Great Experience

Some of the pastries are almost too inventive. It distracted me from the functional taste of the pastry. From visual and value perspectives, W Bakes’ in-person experience at Bitexco Tower offers a unique twist compared to other Ho Chi Minh City pastry shops that I’ve been to.

While the baked goods can only be found at the Work Cafe in Bitexco Tower, they do offer one to two hour delivery for their smaller bites. I’ve found that their delivery team is professional, courteous, and on-time. Their team can also prepare larger bulk orders of their pastries for parties or larger occasions, but that requires at least a half day’s notice.

Need to Know

Locations: Nest by AIA, Bitexco Financial Tower, Ho Chi Minh City (sit down and delivery)

Hours: 8:00 – 21:00 (Bitexco) 9:00 – 21:00 (WORK)

Price: $$

Hao’s favorite menu items: Banana Fever (aka banana bread)

X-factor: The creative twist to pastries. Things I ask myself while eating a W Bakes pastry: “Why is there a syringe of sweet stuff sticking out of the pastry?”

Online: WebsiteFacebook, Instagram