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Walking The Entrepreneurial Path With Matt Tran, Birchbury

From adeptly navigating language barriers to cultivating a cohesive team, Matt Tran’s story stands as an inspiring guide for aspiring entrepreneurs in Vietnam and beyond.
Walking The Entrepreneurial Path With Matt Tran, Birchbury

Matt Tran, Founder and CEO of Birchbury | Source: Khoa Nguyen for Vietcetera

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In a recent episode of Vietnam Innovators, hosted by Hao Tran, we explored the captivating entrepreneurial journey of Matt Tran, the Founder and CEO of Birchbury. The discussion provided a glimpse into Matt’s strategies and experiences that propelled the “orthopedic shoes that don’t look ugly” into a multi-million dollar business.

Matt Tran’s story began with a transition from being an influencer to venturing into the shoemaking industry. Overcoming language barriers, he discovered a Vietnamese shoemaker through online listings. Utilizing pre-sales via Facebook and Google ads, Matt validated product demand, minimizing risks before committing to mass production. His narrative shed light on the advantages of conducting business in Vietnam compared to other countries.

Rather than opting for crowdfunding platforms, Birchbury’s “Captain” chose to pre-sell on his website, allowing immediate revenue to fund additional ad campaigns. He emphasized the influence of personal experiences on his business idea, underlining the significance of relatability.

The growth of Birchbury developed as Matt drew parallels between running a business and playing a video game like World of Warcraft. He advocated for a small, cohesive team, likening it to a “guild” in the game, where each member played a unique role contributing to the overall success. This team-building philosophy reflected a commitment to simplicity and relatability for small to medium entrepreneurs.

In exploring the importance of a close-knit team, Matt contrasted it with high turnover scenarios, asserting that longevity and high performance went hand in hand. He delved into the cultural differences between Asian and American values, emphasizing the need for leaders to understand and adapt to these nuances.

As to why he moved to Vietnam, Matt highlighted the appeal of a slower lifestyle and a different perspective. He contrasted the mindset in Vietnam with that of the US and China, shedding light on the cultural differences that influenced entrepreneurship and work-life balance.

As Birchbury transitioned from a one-person operation to a team, Matt adopted a unique approach to team management. Drawing inspiration from World of Warcraft, he structured his team like a “raid,” emphasizing the importance of distinct roles and effective collaboration for a small business.

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