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What To Know If You're Moving To Ho Chi Minh City


As Saigon grows more cosmopolitan and offers more opportunities, so too does it attract more people to move here. From white-collar young professionals to toddler-packed families, the city is now reported to have a population of 13 million, as of 2017. Saigon’s population density growth now marks it as one of the most highly-concentrated cities in the world, with 6,200 people per square kilometre, nearing the likes of Tokyo.

Increased demand to move to Saigon has also made the move itself for the average resident a much more competitive process. With that being said, here are some services and apps that could ease your transition into this up and coming city. 

1. MyStorage

A storage solution business for those who are looking for space to entertain their hoarding. If you have a lot of boxes and luggage, yet without an apartment found and a contract signed, at least with MyStorage you can temporarily check-in your belongings (even furniture!) and pick them up once you’ve found a place to settle. MyStorage provides free pickup and delivery, air-conditioned and clean facilities that fulfill storage needs of any kind, and security that keeps peace of mind.

Even after you’ve found the right apartment, many come furnished that may not align with your taste. MyStorage allows you to store that unwanted sofa or bed frame so that you can use your own during your rental period.


2. BlueArch

For those with a family that is looking for a temporary place to stay before they decide on a permanent place, BlueArch is a great option in the meantime. While fully equipped with hotel-standard amenities, you are still introduced to the space through automated systems such as self check-in and virtual concierge, thereby preserving the privacy of a home. 

BlueArch’s three locations – Notre Dame, Saigon Royal in District 1 and The Tresor in District 4 – are all downtown, which is timely convenient for those who would like to explore the city first before they settle. Though temporary, BlueArch just might feel too good that it could render permanent for you too.


3. Timo

Adulting is all about accounting your finances and transactional fluency. With Timo, there is a range of smart features to help you – whether it be to keep track that your savings don’t end up at Zara or to transfer your friends the ShareTea money you owe them last week.

Some may be skeptical regarding privacy concerns, but Timo’s multilayered security protections may change their mind. Every single transaction require either a pincode, iOTP code, or ID verification process that are still quick and user-friendly, so it’s only a minute away before you pay back that mango milk tea to Trinh or Linh or Minh.


4. Grab

No introduction needed, Grab is the super app that offers everything at your convenience. If you haven’t got your driver’s license, or is still weighing that decision whether to get a motorbike or not, Grab in the meantime will make your ends meet. Transport, take-out, deliveries, you name it.

Although, be sure to request Grab in advance during days with soccer matches, as street celebration can get more intense than expected. Some would also advise you to bring your own helmet for Grab Bike; Saigon is a crowded city, after all.


5. Tigit Motorbike

If you prefer a more autonomous alternative, Tigit Motorbike provides motorbike rentals that guarantee quality, safety, and warranty. There are short-term rentals for those who still contemplate on buying a motorbike, and there are also long-term rentals for those who can’t bare the responsibility of owning one. 

Be sure to always pack an extra helmet (so you can drive your friends around) as well as a good-quality rain coat (for the rainy season from April to October). For those who need to bring a laptop to work, you should pick a motorbike with a large storage compartment too.


6. Chopp

For young professionals whose long working hours can’t afford them the time to do grocery shopping, Chopp will do it for you instead. With access to many groceries stores such as Lotte Mart, AnNam Gourmet, Citimart, etc. Chopp will choose your chicken breasts and broccoli then deliver for you straight to the door. 

There are even many health-conscious options such as pressed juices, nut milk, detox smoothies, and meal preps. This would come in handy to pair with your work-out routine, if you already don’t have enough time to meal prep yourself. 


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