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Mar 18, 2022

Your Checklist For Traveling To Vietnam In The New Normal

Traveling to Vietnam amidst an ongoing pandemic requires not just a passport and a plane ticket. Here’s what you need to prepare.
Your Checklist For Traveling To Vietnam In The New Normal

Vietnam has lifted all entry restrictions for foreign travelers. | Source: Shutterstock

In case you missed it: Vietnam is now open to international leisure travelers! After full two years of border closure and entry ban, the country — which was named Asia’s leading destination by the World Travel Awards — is now able and ready to welcome visitors.

The Vietnamese government has already lifted all entry restrictions, which means anyone can freely enter the country and enjoy its majestic landscapes and incredible cuisine. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic still very much of a threat, there are some requirements and paperwork that need to be fulfilled to ensure a hassle-free journey around Vietnam.

Before you pack your bags and board a plane to Vietnam, here are the important things you need to prepare. Having everything ready before your journey will help keep your mind at ease, and will allow you to take full pleasure in a vacation you’ve long been waiting for.

Vietnam is ready for you!

Secure a valid visa

Vietnam has already resumed its pre-pandemic visa regulations, including visa exemptions and e-visa issuance. Travelers from these 24 countries, including ASEAN members, do not need a visa for a single-entry trip that ranges from 14 to 90 days. Citizens from 13 countries — Belarus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and the UK — will be allowed to visit Vietnam for up to 15 days without a visa regardless of passport type and entry purpose.

For visitors coming from these 80 countries, e-visa applications have been reopened. E-visa costs $25 and can be paid using any of the payment methods offered on the Vietnam Immigration website. Approval usually takes three days from receipt of documents and payment. Apply for an e-visa here.

Get tested for COVID-19 before departure

To make sure you’re safe from the coronavirus and you won’t be a risk to other travelers, a COVID-19 test is required. You must present negative test results for COVID-19 by RT-PCR obtained within 72 hours prior to departure, or negative rapid antigen test results obtained within 24 hours prior to departure (except for children under 2-year- old). Results must be certified by the country where the tests were performed.

Travelers who can’t furnish a negative COVID-19 test result will need to undergo testing within 24 hours of entering Vietnam, and will need to isolate in their accommodation until they receive a negative result.

Check requirements of your stopover countries

Different countries have different policies to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If you’re not taking direct flights to Vietnam, you must check and abide by the rules imposed in your stopover countries. There are different rules for transiting and different rules for stopovers. So if you're only transiting in that country, the rules are generally much more relaxed.

Get travel insurance that covers COVID-19

You must have medical or travel insurance with a minimum coverage of $10,000, including COVID-19 hospitalization, treatment, and quarantine. With the ever-evolving coronavirus situation in Vietnam and around the world, travel insurance will give you peace of mind.

Make a health declaration

While all movement restrictions have been removed, Vietnam requires travelers to submit an online health declaration through, install PC-COVID mobile app, and self-monitor for the first 10 days from the entry date. This will help health authorities easily trace any COVID-infected traveler.

Unvaccinated? Don’t worry

The latest guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health do not include proof of full COVID-19 vaccination. This means travelers who are unvaccinated or only have one vaccination at the time of travel may be permitted to enter Vietnam’s international ports. This may, however, depend on the country of origin. It is generally recommended that you have been fully vaccinated against coronavirus to avoid any inconvenience or being ordered to isolate.

No isolation required

Once cleared at the port of entry, you can travel around Vietnam freely. The government has already lifted any quarantine requirement for travelers that are deemed safe and virus-free. However, if you feel unwell or are in a crowded place, it’s best to check your temperature or any symptom for COVID-19. Wear a facemask at all times when in public.

Experience Vietnam to the fullest

Upon exit at the airport and clearing all requirements and paperwork, all that’s left to do is revel in the beauty of Vietnam. There are thousands of places to see, things to do, food to eat, and people to meet. Whatever kind of traveler you are — an adventurer, a history buff, or a laidback type — Vietnam’s S-shaped land has so much to offer. Let this journey be the start of your “new normal” while you help this country bounce back better from the pandemic.

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