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Jun 25, 2020

A Touch of Summer — Trendy Décor with Furniture Expert Sa Maison

As we arrive at the brink of summertime, we have asked furniture experts at Sa Maison to share a few tips as well as suitable products to convey the spirit of the season in our living space.

A Touch of Summer — Trendy Décor with Furniture Expert Sa Maison

class A Touch of Summer — Trendy Décor with Furniture Expert Sa Maison0

This week, we continue our quest to discover and introduce our readers to standout furniture and home décor brands. Opening on June 26th on the 3rd floor of Saigon’s Crescent Mall in District 7, Sa Maison is our pick this week. We ask the brand’s team to give us a preview ahead of the store’s opening. 

Sa Maison, or “her house", is an all-in-one stop for interior and home enthusiasts, carefully curated by interior design experts drawing items from top brands such as Royal Copenhagen from Denmark, Finland’s Iittala, STOF from France, Sola Swiss from Switzerland, and other upscale brands.

As one of the leading home décor retailers in Korea, Sa Maison was honored to receive the Good Design Selection Award. In July 2019, Sa Maison opened the doors to its first Vietnamese location at the Hanoi Lotte Department Store, followed by its first Saigon store slated to open on June 26th.

With summer in full swing, we asked Sa Maison’s furniture experts to share a few home décor tips as well as recommending suitable products to capture the vibrant spirit of the season in our living spaces.

A summer in your cupboard

For the Finnish brand Iittala, the story of summer is the story of glass. Starting from the first collections produced at their glass factory in Finland, Iittala has been creating generations of products that brighten up the mundane daily life.

The brand believes that in order for a decorative piece to last, not only does it need to be able to reflect the owner’s personality, but it needs to be unique, yet easy to combine with existing pieces, so that it can be multi-functional and fit in a variety of settings and environments.

Durable, artful and reflective of its owner’s personality, each Iittala piece is unique, but also seamlessly integrable and so can be used for a wide variety of purposes. 

With radical patterns shaped by two Iittala designers and creative leaders — Kaj Franck and Alvar Aalto, Iittala's designs from nearly a century ago still exist and are re-imagined till this very day.

This summer, Iittala is particularly fascinated with such hues as oceanic blue and green moss, which the brand utilizes in its classically designed cups, candle holders, and flower vases, among other pieces.

Iittalas The sea is a mirror collection inspired by the story of sea that changes seasons
Iittala's "The sea is a mirror" collection, inspired by the story of the sea that changes by the seasons.

Another option for your summer kitchen is a porcelain collection from Royal Copenhagen. With a history spanning 240 years — coupled with its devotion to porcelain, sophisticated craftsmanship, and passion to honor the values ​​of traditional heritage — the Danish company has been consistently delivering quality porcelain products of timeless value. 

Royal Copenhagen high-class porcelain dishes and utensils will definitely be an elegant highlight at your summer party.


Linen — summer breeze in a fabric 

We usually think of linen as a breathable material that is ideal for hot summer days. Indeed, summer is the time linen proves its functionality and aesthetic value. Not only does it absorb moisture and release water faster than cotton, linen can withstand up to 20% more humidity than other textiles by limiting sweat and regulating body temperature.

All of which makes linen truly the material of the season, suitable for diverse use, whether as apparel, tablecloths, or even towels. Linen Tales, a brand from Vilnius, Lithuania that specializes in linen, makes the most of the fabric’s unique qualities creating products that are beautifully designed and crafted in Lithuania to the highest standards.

This summer, Sa Maison experts are also inspired by Classic Blue, the color of 2020 as chosen by the Pantone Institute of Colors. To create a cool and monochromatic effect, you can choose from different shades of blue, such as sky blue, classic blue, or dark blue.

Linen Tales towels in soothing tones
Linen Tales towels in soothing tones.

Summer is also traditionally the season of travel and adventure in foreign lands. Since movement is limited at the moment, one can recreate the atmosphere of their favorite destinations right at home. Think rural France, for example, with romantic and dreamlike French countryside-style mats and pillows by STOF.


Greening the home 

Adding greeneries can bring life into your living space, but if business trips or frequent travel don’t leave you with much free time on your hands, faux plants and flowers could be the answer.

When buying faux flowers and plants, go for the most realistic ones you can find. Consider SIA, a French brand with more than 50 years of experience with faux plants and flowers, whose beautiful and sophisticated faux-greeneries are very lifelike. The brand also offers a myriad of other home-decor product lines to add character to your interior.

Cactus in stylized glass jars from Monote
Cactus in stylized glass jars from Monote.
Faux plant product from SIA
Faux plant product from SIA.

A Midsummer Night’s Light, and Scent

We often take the light around us for granted. Yet, just by changing the slightest details such as the warmth, the position or the design of a lamp, you can feel the difference that lighting brings to your living space.

Lighting can be used to make a room more inviting and relaxing, such as the use of warm light sources — drop lights or table lamps — around the room. When electing a brand that can expertly elevate the lighting of your room, you can’t go wrong with Elek, a French brand founded in 2006, whose creative quality designs make it the partner of choice for many developers, architects and interior designers around the world.


Similar to light, scent has its own power — a carefully chosen scent, for example, can relax your mind. To infuse your living spaces with relaxing or stimulating aromas, you can turn to wax, essential oils or scented candles.

This summer, Sa Maison recommends Cashmere, White Musk and Oxygen from the Spanish brand Ambientair, whose products are made from oil solvents and vegetable waxes, which do not contain harmful substances.


Rustic wooden furniture 

In addition to dressing up our home with decorative items, Sa Maison recommends mixing up your furniture, keeping an eye out for items made from natural materials such as wood to make the living space appear more airy. 

Noticing our appreciation for modern and streamlined designs, the Sa Maison team introduced us to The Made and TÔT brands.

Whilst The Made is a pioneer in bringing elegant Korean designs to Vietnam — with the main materials being North American oak and imported British cloth — TÔT is a furniture brand founded by a group of Vietnamese and Swedish entrepreneurs and designers who aspire to create a contemporary design language through new products and processes. TÔT is famous for interior designs that are suitable for urban living spaces.

Besides foundational furniture, consider hints of warmth with wooden implements or decoratives from Holzklotz. Or, enhance your space with an oozing rustic charm from natural materials like wood, rattan and bamboo from Monote.

The Made’s dining table and chair set is made from oak wood cushioned with PU leather
The Made’s dining table and chair set is made from oak wood, cushioned with PU leather.
The minimalist dining tables and chairs of TÔT with chairs made from wood and table made from veneer
The minimalist dining tables and chairs of TÔT, with chairs made from wood and table made from veneer.
The Holzklotz wooden and metal coffee set
The Holzklotz wooden and metal coffee set.

On June 26th, Sa Maison will officially be opened at Crescent Mall, with up to 50% discount on furniture, household items and decorative items. Freebies will be reserved for firstcomers.


Promotion Period : 26/06/2020 – 30/06/2020

Showroom I: Floor 5 Lotte Department Store, 54 Lieu GIai, Hanoi – 024.3333.2536

Showroom II: Floor 3 Crescent Mall, 101 Ton Dat Tien, District 7, Ho Chi Minh– 028.5414.1474

Hours of Operation: 10am - 10:00pm all days of the week.

Visit us to make your home a summer fiesta with Sa Maison’s offerings!