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Jun 10, 2024

Beyond EXPO Macau 2024: Insights On Impact Investing, Sustainability, And Corporate Venture Capital

In May 2024, Hao Tran moderated two panels at Beyond EXPO Macau.
Beyond EXPO Macau 2024: Insights On Impact Investing, Sustainability, And Corporate Venture Capital

From left to right: Hao Tran, Tan Shyue Wern and April Ong Vaño (right) Source: Beyond EXPO.

In May 2024, I had the privilege of speaking at Beyond EXPO Macau, an event that gathers thought leaders, innovators, and industry experts from around the globe.

As the CEO of Vietcetera, I was excited to engage in discussions shaping various industries' futures. I moderated two panels: one on Impact Investing and Sustainability, and another on Corporate Venture Capital (CVC): Navigating Innovation and Strategic Partnerships in the Digital Era.

Panel on Impact Investing and Sustainability

The first panel I moderated focused on impact investing and sustainability. I was joined by April Ong Vaño, Head of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) at Quest Ventures, and Tan Shyue Wern, Director of Strategic Development at Malaysia Venture Capital Management Berhad.

Our discussion delved into how investing can drive positive social and environmental changes while generating financial returns.

April Ong Vaño shared Quest Ventures’ approach to integrating ESG criteria into their investment decisions. She highlighted the importance of sustainability metrics and how they influence investor confidence and long-term value creation. Her insights emphasized that businesses must align their operations with global sustainability goals to attract conscientious investors.

Tan Shyue Wern provided a perspective on the challenges and opportunities in the Malaysian market. He discussed the critical role of strategic development in fostering sustainable investments. Tan stressed the need for a collaborative approach between the public and private sectors to create a conducive environment for impact investments. His experience underscored the potential for scalable, sustainable solutions in emerging markets.

The panel concluded with a robust Q&A session where audience members posed questions about measuring impact, balancing profit with purpose, and the future of sustainable investments. The dialogue underscored a collective commitment to integrating sustainability into core business strategies.

Panel on Corporate Venture Capital (CVC): Navigating Innovation and Strategic Partnerships in the Digital Era

The second panel I moderated was on Corporate Venture Capital (CVC) and its role in driving innovation. The panel featured an impressive lineup: Raymond Hor, Director at Sun Sea Capital (Sunway Group); Josie Lai, Head of Genting Ventures (CVC of Genting Group); Jie He, Director, Investment Group, China office representative at Global Brain; and David Goh, Head of Hyundai Cradle (Singapore).

From left to right: Hao Tran, Raymond Hor, Josie Lai, Jie He and David Goh. Source: BEYOND EXPO.

We discussed how CVCs are uniquely positioned to foster innovation by leveraging their corporate resources, industry expertise, and strategic partnerships.

Raymond Hor explained how Sun Sea Capital supports startups that align with Sunway Group's broader strategic objectives, emphasizing the importance of synergies between startups and their parent companies.

Josie Lai highlighted Genting Ventures' focus on digital transformation within the hospitality and leisure industries. She spoke about their approach to identifying and nurturing startups that can drive significant technological advancements in these sectors. Her insights on maintaining agility and innovation within a large corporate structure were enlightening.

Jie He from Global Brain shared his experiences in fostering cross-border investments and partnerships. He discussed the critical role of cultural understanding and local market knowledge in successfully navigating the global investment landscape.

David Goh provided a perspective from Hyundai Cradle, focusing on their efforts to integrate innovative technologies into Hyundai's broader ecosystem. He spoke about their strategic approach to partnerships and investments in mobility, robotics, and smart cities, highlighting the future of urban innovation.


The panel highlighted the evolving landscape of CVCs and their critical role in driving innovation and strategic growth. The discussions provided valuable insights into how large corporations can effectively partner with startups to accelerate technological advancements.

Overall, my experience at Beyond EXPO Macau 2024 was enriching and inspiring. Both panels underscored the importance of collaboration, innovation, and a strategic approach to addressing global challenges.

The insights shared by the esteemed panelists will undoubtedly influence Vietcetera's future endeavors on our journey to create positive impacts on the community.