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Aug 17, 2019
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BiaCraft Introduces The Beyond Burger To Vietnam

BiaCraft continues to be a big innovator in the food and beverage space in Vietnam, while releasing their version of the “Beyond Burger”

BiaCraft Introduces The Beyond Burger To Vietnam

BiaCraft continues to be a big innovator in the food and beverage space in Vietnam releasing their version of the “Beyond Burger”, referred to as the “No Bull Burger”. Others, especially those in the US, may know this burger as the Beyond Burger, a fully plant based patty loved by those in the vegetarian community. As the Vietnamese and foreigners alike become more considerate of their diet and lifestyle, businesses such as BiaCraft are moving to introduce flavors and tastes in the vegetarian space.

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Vietcetera had the opportunity to try the Beyond Burger at BiaCraft’s 300 Truong Sa location. We also spoke to BiaCraft’s research and development chef, Jamie Celaya, on why BiaCraft is introducing the burger to their menu, available in D1, D3 and Phu Nhuan locations.

The first burger of its kind in Vietnam

The patty has sold out in the US due to high demand and is already popular in Singapore and China’s fast food sector such as McDonald’s, KFC, and Jollibee, according to Celaya. No other known location has introduced this type of burger to the Vietnamese community. “We are excited to be the first,” Celaya said. They are hoping that it will be received well. It’s not only clean food, it’s also environmentally friendly.

So what goes into the burger? First off, it’s cooked consciously on the grill as it must be prepared near the other burgers (a vegan option may appear in the future). The patty cooks 30 percent faster but the assembly time is just like a regular burger, Celaya affirms. The patty itself is treated as a pressed burger with a plant based source bound together by a soy proteins and pressed into a thin patty. As the patty is pressed, it creates more surface area for caramelization that reinforces the flavor of real beef. The imitation red color one would see on the plant based patty is natural, created by a beetroot extract. The toasted brioche bun size is slightly reduced from the original burger bun for a perfect bun to patty ratio.

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A burger isn’t complete without its caramelized onions, pickled tomato, and Rocket. The No Bull Burger (Beyond Burger) has an option to include sliced American cheese and a choice between a vegetarian salad or delicious french fries cooked in beef tallow. The beef tallow is a “complimenting conflict” towards a portion of BiaCraft’s character of a fun diet with balance. To further get the meaty taste, Celaya added that the homemade burger sauce is made with gochujang sauce, such as those found in traditional Korean meals and is loaded with umami flavor.

How does it stack up against traditional burgers?

For those who are skeptical if the burger is as filling as a meat based one would be, Celaya argues that it is equally as hearty. “This is a meat eaters craving, satiated by an innovative conscious and environmentally friendly burger.”

Any good burger has to have its sides and this burger is no different. “We want people to enjoy the experience of eating a beef burger with sides,” Celaya said. For those that want a healthier and vegetarian meal, opt for the side salad, made of red and green Lola Rosa lettuce, juicy red baby tomatoes, and a balsamic dressing. Otherwise, go crazy and treat yourself to some fries made especially in BiaCraft by Russet potatoes shipped from the US and then fried in beef tallow.

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Finally, what’s a burger without something to wash it down with. Celaya suggests a roasted coconut. The roasting process brings out the sweetness of the drink. However, if you’re coming to BiaCraft, first and foremost, you should definitely try its craft and microbrewed beers, the most extensive collection in the city. For that, Celaya suggests either the Đừng Chọc Tao Pale Ale to complement the umami, beefy aspect of the burger, or the Em Cần Anh Sa Pale Ale to complement the “green” aspect of the burger.

So what does our team think about the taste?

The burger arrived just as we finished our talk with Celaya. At first glance, it certainly looks like any other regular burger. Upon the first bite, the texture was relatively indistinguishable from that of a meat based patty. The brioche bun was nicely toasted and kept the burger together, as the first bite into a burger always has the potential to get a little messy. Deconstructing the Beyond Burger showed that it indeed still had all the elements of a good burger. The pickled tomatoes was another layer of taste that added to the burger’s appeal. We opted for a side salad and roasted coconut, which was a nice balance to the taste and plant source of the meal.

Go give this new burger a try and see if you can taste the difference. It definitely tastes like a meaty burger, with the added bonus of not making you feel heavy after the first few bites.



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Written by Kimberly Nguyen

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