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Jan 12, 2022

Billboard To Chart Vietnam’s Hottest Music This Week

This Friday, Billboard music charts is launching two new music rankings, Billboard Vietnam Hot 100 & Billboard Vietnam Top Vietnamese Songs

Billboard To Chart Vietnam’s Hottest Music This Week

Billboard's chart metrics incorporate streamed songs on platforms like Spotify and Youtube. | Source: Billboard Vietnam

Billboard music charts, the iconic ranking of popular music for decades, announced this week its plan to launch two new flagship charts in Vietnam on Friday.

The Billboard Vietnam Hot 100 will feature the most popular songs worldwide across all genres, and the Billboard Vietnam Top Vietnamese Songs will be highlighting works of artists in the country. The two charts will provide a platform and showcase Vietnam’s growing ranks of talented Vietnamese artists.

Billboard’s metric will factor in songs played on streaming services and purchased on music distribution services in Vietnam. Streaming numbers include records from both subscription accounts and free users. Statistics for the charts will be collected by MRC Data, a provider of music sales data for Billboard’s weekly charts.

“Music Charts are one of the most important validations that artists can receive from fans,” Billboard Vietnam CEO Myke Brown said in a statement. “We are excited that Vietnamese music culture can unite and shine with artists around the world under a standardized metric for our music industry.”

“We at Billboard Vietnam truly believe Vietnamese artists have an enormous amount of talent,” Brown said, “and we wish for them to reach their highest potential by empowering them and providing them an opportunity to participate and be discovered on the global stage.”

Headquartered in New York, the American music and entertainment company has grown to be the provider and publisher of news, interviews, reviews, events and notably various music charts that highlight the most popular songs, albums or artists across different music genres. First released in 1958, the all-inclusive Hot 100 is considered the standard in the music industry for gauging the popularity of artists in the United States, and globally, as the company expands to different countries.

Music streaming has become increasingly popular in Vietnam, with revenue in the music streaming market forecasted to reach $23 million in 2022, according to a research by Statista. A Q&Me report showed that 75% of respondents listened to music daily, with YouTube and Zing the most popular platforms for music, followed by Nhaccuatui and Facebook.

Among the rise in music streaming habits, producers in the indie/rap category were in the spotlight, with rapper DenVau, indie band Chillies, and singer Vu. ranking as the most-streamed Vietnamese artists 2021 on Spotify.

The Billboard Vietnam charts are billed as a way to create a unified platform for promising Vietnamese stars to prove their ability, as well as to receive well-deserved recognition nationwide and globally. At the same time, the Billboard Vietnam Hot 100 and Top Vietnamese Songs, along with other recognized charts from music audio and video streaming services like Youtube or Spotify, reflect the trends in Vietnamese people’s music tastes.