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May 17, 2022

'Break The Rules' With Gen Y: The Future Of The Wine Industry

Millennials are into wine, but many wineries have not figured out the huge shift these young consumers have brought.
'Break The Rules' With Gen Y: The Future Of The Wine Industry

Gen Y think of wine as a social drink.

The generation gap is not new in the world of wine, but this issue is now particularly visible. Chilean leading winery Concha y Toro has developed a range of wines that answer all the needs of this new Gen Y. Let's see how this was done!

Misconceptions surrounding the drinking style of Gen Y

For a very long time, wine has been considered a complex, culture-laden, multi-sensory stimulus with an array of rating systems and an obscure lexicon. A refinement that only the elite could understand.

However, for gen Y, wine is approached in a very different way. They think of wine as a social drink, a connector that is meant to be shared. Or more precisely, they focus on the sense of fun that wine brings to them instead of the complicated systems of the past. They use technology and social media to explore the world of wine.

Source: Diablo

Besides, the industry mistakenly assumes that millennials have chosen beer, hard seltzer or other low-alcohol beverages over wine. Meanwhile, in reality, these young people do not choose any specific drink, what they chose is the exciting experience that wine or spirits can bring.

The shift towards high quality young and fun wines

Many winemakers have changed their tactics in approaching gen Y. They created unique labels, changed winemaking techniques to bring more interesting colors to their wine, or just simply made a change in the way of communication and marketing. This has partly given the market some innovation and dynamism it had never seen before.

In that wave of innovation, Concha Y Toro, one of the world's most admired wine brands, also made dramatic transformations. Their most recent achievement is the introduction of the Diablo range, including two red wine profiles: the seductive, engaging spiciness and irreverence of Diablo Dark Red, or the mysterious dark elegance of Diablo Black Cabernet Sauvignon.

Source: Diablo

“We want to create a wine to seduce younger consumers who search for the extraordinary, with a sophisticated and high-quality product in an overcrowded and many times boring category. This wine has to have a differentiated label from the traditional wines on the market, highly inspirational, stylish, modern and attractive, and at the same time correspond in good taste and quality, a wine millenials would be proud to serve their friends. This also goes well with our vision to become the leaders in the statement brand category, inspiring our consumers to try something new and to always seek extraordinary", a representative from Concha Y Toro shared.

Diablo is currently distributed exclusively by Red Apron Fine Wines & Spirits. This May and June 2022, Red Apron will bring two special events in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to celebrate the presence of this wine in Vietnam.