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Nov 30, 2023

Chef Takeover 2: Chefs Hoang Tung, Lee Zhe Xi On The Art Of Culinary Happiness

Indulge in the joyful culinary journey of Chef TakeOver 2, where Chefs Hoang Tung and Lee Zhe Xi infuse happiness into every dish, making joy the secret ingredient of this flavorful celebration.
Chef Takeover 2: Chefs Hoang Tung, Lee Zhe Xi On The Art Of Culinary Happiness

As we gear up for this delightful culinary adventure, let’s meet the maestros behind the scenes — Chef Hoang Tung (L) and Chef Lee Zhe Xi.

Chef Takeover 2: Chefs Hoang Tung, Lee Zhe Xi On The Art Of Culinary Happiness

A meal isn’t just about filling our stomachs; it’s a joyful journey we embark on with every bite. Picture this: a symphony of flavors, a warm atmosphere, and the joy of sharing delicious meals. That’s the essence we’re diving into as we anticipate the Chef Takeover 2 event — a joyful culinary voyage that promises more than just a fusion of Vietnamese and Malaysian flavors. It’s a celebration of happiness served on a plate, a reminder that meals are moments to savor, creating memories and smiles. This year’s theme is “Melting Pot - A Joyful Culinary Voyage!”

As we gear up for this delightful culinary adventure, let’s meet the maestros behind the scenes — Chef Hoang Tung and Chef Lee Zhe Xi. The stage is set for a unique experience where kitchen magic meets happiness. Chef Tung, known for his surprising twists and sensory delights, joins forces with Chef Lee, a trailblazer in redefining Malaysian cuisine.

Together, they’re cooking up more than just a menu; they’re crafting a joyful culinary voyage, a feast for the senses. So, get ready to savor not just the flavors but the happiness infused in every dish at the Chef Takeover 2 event. It’s a culinary journey where joy is the secret ingredient, and you’re invited to indulge in this flavorful celebration.

What makes a meal genuinely joyful for you?

Chef Hoang Tung: The pivotal element for a truly enjoyable dining experience is the quality of companionship. Sharing a meal with someone familiar holds significant importance, contributing substantially to the overall gratification of the dining occasion. The presence of a soulmate not only enhances the sensory pleasure derived from the food but also fosters a sense of connection and shared enjoyment, thereby elevating the entire culinary experience.

Chef Lee Zhe Xi: I believe a genuinely joyful experience goes beyond just the flavors; it’s about the entire journey. The combination of delicious food, a welcoming atmosphere, and attentive service transforms a meal into a joyful experience. The harmony between these elements creates a space where every bite becomes more delightful.

How do specific elements in your menu capture the essence of joy for diners?

Chef Tung: A paramount factor contributing to my culinary satisfaction is the infusion of surprise within fine dining. My culinary philosophy revolves around engaging the intellect and eliciting a sense of delight by incorporating playful and unexpected elements in my dishes. A notable manifestation of this approach is exemplified in my Jelly Pho creation. This particular dish elicits heightened excitement by subverting the conventional expectation that pho must be served in a traditionally hot form. By challenging preconceived notions, I aim to stimulate the palate and the intellect of diners, fostering a memorable and multisensory dining experience.

Chef Lee: Combining Vietnamese and Malaysian flavors in a chef Takeover event presents a thrilling opportunity to create a culinary fusion that celebrates the best of both countries. Our Malaysian flavors, deeply rooted in diverse cultural influences, could complement the freshness and vibrancy of Vietnamese ingredients. It could also result in a gastronomic adventure. It’s about crafting dishes that honor each country’s culinary heritage while harmonizing flavors to surprise and delight diners, offering them a unique and unforgettable dining experience that celebrates the richness of both cultures.

Chef Lee Zhe Xi

What inspired your collaboration with Chef Lee Zhe Xi for this event?

Chef Tung: Collaborating with the young and talented Chef Lee Zhe Xi has indeed been a pleasure. Having learned about his remarkable restaurant and impressive achievements at such a young age, I was eager to seize the opportunity when Vietcetera proposed the collaboration. This venture provides an excellent platform for us to not only share culinary stories and flavors but also cultivate a meaningful friendship, fostering cultural exchange between two Southeast Asian nations.

What part of working together and the upcoming event are you most excited about, particularly what Vietnamese diners can expect?

Chef Lee: The most exciting aspect of this collaboration is the opportunity to introduce everyone to Malaysian cuisine’s diverse and vibrant flavors. The prospect of showcasing our culinary heritage, steeped in rich cultural influences, and exploring new tastes is incredible. Vietnamese diners can look forward to the fusion of Malaysian spices, aromas, and ingredients blended harmoniously with their seasonal offerings.

Chef Hoang Tung

Do you have a particular approach to engaging diners in the intimate setting where guests witness your live cooking demonstration?

Chef Tung: Certainly, I don’t engage in on-the-spot cooking for guests in my culinary practice. Instead, they have the opportunity to observe the kitchen as they pass by, allowing for a glimpse into the meticulous preparations and the creative process behind each dish. This behind-the-scenes visibility adds an element of intrigue and appreciation, enhancing the overall dining experience by providing a connection between the diner and the culinary craftsmanship without the immediate spectacle of on-the-spot cooking.

Chef Takeover 2: Å by TUNG x Eat and Cook is an event made possible by Vietcetera, featuring two Michelin-starred chefs, Hoang Tung and Lee Zhe Xi.

The event will take place on:
Date: November 29 and 30, 2023.
Location: Å by TUNG, 31-33 Dang Dung Street, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1.

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