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May 17, 2021

Conversations Over Coffee: How Do We Show We Care?

Nespresso's latest campaign explores how caring for farmers and the environment results in high-quality coffee and can be a catalyst for positive change

Conversations Over Coffee: How Do We Show We Care?

Clooney and the diverse group of Nespresso partners answered the question, “What is Care?”. | Source: Nespresso

Nespresso has always believed that coffee can be a powerful force for good, and this conviction is central to the brand’s new communications platform: “Made with Care”. 

Premiered worldwide six days ago, the campaign launched with a spoken word video for TV and social, in which long-standing brand ambassador and Nespresso Sustainability Advisory Board (NSAB) member George Clooney, together with other friends of the brand, explored what is behind every cup of Nespresso coffee: the deep human care invested in every step of the value chain.  

Every cup begins with care

The “Made with Care” campaign, spearheaded by Clooney, brings to life Nespresso’s fundamental beliefs: that crafting high-quality coffee can be both an art and a catalyst for positive change — if care is instilled in every detail. 

This ethos is embedded throughout the company’s value chain — from the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, designed to ensure the selection of only the finest quality beans while improving the livelihoods of farmers and protecting the environment, through to its commitment to reviving endangered coffees and communities with the Reviving Origins program. This same acute sense of care lies behind the company’s commitment to making every cup of Nespresso coffee carbon neutral by 2022. 

“Care runs deep at Nespresso,” says Anna Lundstrom, Nespresso’s Chief Brand Officer. “As guardians of one of nature’s precious resources, it is a philosophy that’s embedded in everything we do. 

We are committed to offering the most refined coffee experience and protecting the best of our world with human care and creativity. Our approach proves that good taste and good values can go hand in hand, and we are proud to bring together so many like-minded friends of the brand in our latest campaign.”

Shared values

Building on a partnership that began in 2006, “Made with Care” also highlights the enduring affinity between the values of the Nespresso brand and George Clooney, demonstrating how brand ambassadorship can evolve into something altogether more meaningful.

“Nespresso and I have always shared a passion for sustainability and farmer welfare. And if the past year has shown anything, it’s that care is pivotal to communities’ wellbeing and resilience. That’s why I feel privileged to stand alongside people with the same values in the “Made with Care” movement – from activists to celebrities, to some of the most dedicated farmers and coffee experts I have ever met. Together, we are committed to sustainability, fairness, and to ensure we can enjoy great coffee for generations to come,” said Clooney.

In the launch video, Clooney and the diverse group of Nespresso partners answered the question, “What is Care?”. They each explained how their personal beliefs bind them with the deep human care which is so central to the Nespresso value chain.

George Clooney, and other friends of Nespresso reveal the deep human care behind every cup of the brand’s coffee. | Source: Nespresso

Let’s talk about care

At Nespresso quality doesn’t happen by chance but results from conscious choices and the great care taken by the company throughout its global operations.

Care for coffee farming communities and the pursuit of gender equality are fundamental to the Nespresso brand. The video featured a number of personalities who share the same values with their passionate championing of pressing societal issues. From Colombian Fashion Designer Johanna Ortiz to Rwandan-French actress and philanthropist Sonia Rolland, digital entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni, Sudanese-American poet and activist Emi Mahmoud, Nespresso is proud to collaborate with such powerful advocates for equity and inclusivity.

The video also includes partners who share Nespresso’s long-term commitment to sustainability. From creatives, such as French chef Jean Imbert, who amplify these values through their craft, to individuals who have dedicated their entire careers to taking action on fairness and sustainability – namely Dr. Nyagoy Nyong’o, Global CEO for Fairtrade International, and Tristan Lecomte, founder of PUR Projet, both of whom are members of the Nespresso Sustainability Advisory Board. 

Respect for the artistry involved in crafting quality coffee is paramount to Nespresso. It is also behind the brand’s relationships with some of the world’s most gifted artists and professionals who use their talents as a platform to help others, including film and television actor Mark Chao, and French violinist, Renaud Capuçon.

Finally, the care in every Nespresso cup is perhaps best expressed in the words of the people behind the brand, for whom caring is critical to their everyday job. Care for quality, care for the experience they give coffee lovers, care for each other. The voices we hear in the video include Nespresso’s Head of Coffee Development Alexis Rodriguez, and Coffee Specialist James Pergola, as well as Colombian Agronomist Juliana Correa, and Nicaraguan coffee artists Cindy Romero and Anderson Moran.

 “Made with Care” – for coffee lovers worldwide

The latest Nespresso campaign appears on television, in digital, print, and social media, as well as in Nespresso boutiques, out-of-home, and on the company website. Visit the Nespresso YouTube channel to watch the launch film and subsequent campaign content, featuring stories from coffee farmers in their own words. People are also invited to join the movement by sharing what care means to them online, with the hashtags #MadeWithCare #NespressoVn #CareMovement.

About Nestlé Nespresso

Nestlé Nespresso SA is the pioneer and reference for the highest-quality portioned coffee.  The company works with more than 110,000 farmers in 15 countries through its AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program to embed sustainability practices on farms and the surrounding landscapes.  Launched in 2003 in collaboration with the NGO Rainforest Alliance and later joined by Fairtrade International, the program helps to improve the yield and quality of harvests, ensuring a sustainable supply of high-quality coffee and improving the livelihoods of farmers and their communities. Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, Nespresso operates in 82 countries and has over 13,900 employees. The global retail network currently operates 809 boutiques in 532 cities. For more information, visit the Nespresso corporate website:

In Vietnam, Nespresso is exclusively distributed by Annam Fine Food Co., Ltd.