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May 25, 2024

Elevate Your Aesthetic: Transforming Building Exteriors With 5 Lines Of Effect Paint

What makes a hotel, studio, or restaurant feel luxurious? Beyond the interiors and visible elements, there is a subtle aspect of architecture known as “effect paint.”
Elevate Your Aesthetic: Transforming Building Exteriors With 5 Lines Of Effect Paint

Zannier Hotel Bãi San Hô Phú Yên - A project utilizing effect paint by Contractor Kiến Thạch | Source: Kiến Thạch

Do you experience a sense of relaxation and comfort as soon as you step into a room at Zannier Hotel Bãi San Hô Phú Yên? Can you feel the serene sophistication permeating high-end brand stores like MCM or Hermes when you walk in?

These unique impressions are influenced by a material known as effect paint.

Unlike plain paint, effect paint is a mix of color and material, creating textured, iridescent, and shimmering surfaces. In simple terms, effect paint enhances regular paint by incorporating patterns, stone textures, colors, and light to create artistic effects based on the homeowner’s preferences.

Several innovative Vietnamese builders have a wide selection of high-quality foreign effect paints. Notably, Kiến Thạch is a leading construction contractor in the country, known for prominent projects such as Zannier Bãi San Hô Phú Yên, Gia Studio (Lâm Gia Khang), Metropole Gym District 2, and Landmark 81 apartments.

Gia Studio features predominantly white tones, creating a minimalist yet elegant effect with effect paint. | Source: Kiến Thạch

Picking the perfect effect paint does wonders for a project’s aesthetics and your mood, providing an energizing atmosphere when you enter the space.

Kiến Thạch offers five effect paint lines, each tailored for a distinct sort of project and with its own set of features. Each paint line elicits distinct feelings, depending on the homeowner’s artistic choices.

Metallic Effect Sparkles For A Luxurious Appeal

Inspired by the shine of high-end metal jewelry, the Metallic effect enhances the sparkle and light of surfaces, making the space appear more luxurious and elegant.

The Metallic effect paint line is created from shimmering colors that absorb and reflect light to produce a gold or silver metallic surface. This paint creates a refined and beautiful ambiance when combined with warm-toned lighting or chandeliers.

Metallic paint offers varying levels of iridescence, allowing you to choose the degree of shimmer based on the project’s purpose. This versatile paint is popular and used in a variety of settings, including apartments, high-end stores, and hotels.

Cool Minerals Effect With Stone Veining

Besides the metallic effect, concrete stone grain is also a popular choice today due to its versatility with various designs. The Minerals effect creates a paint with realistic dark gray concrete tones.

UNIOS Project | Source: Kiến Thạch

Crafted from the structural composition of mortar layers and special construction techniques, the Minerals effect imparts a fresh, gentle sensation to homeowners with its natural stone veins.

Staying true to the essence of minerals, this paint instills a cool, calming ambiance, suitable for a wide range of design aesthetics, spanning from modern minimalist to classic styles. The Mineral effect can be applied across various design genres, ranging from luxurious Retro & Vintage to Indochine (Indochinese architecture) or Minimalism.

Oxidation Effect Creates Art From An Oxidized Surface

Have you ever noticed a metal plate with streaks of rust caused by oxidation? This serves as the inspiration for the Oxidation effect, characterized by a wavy surface and distinctive colors.

True to its name, the Oxidation effect produces walls with bold, artistic highlights. This effect complements contemporary architectural designs, particularly those with warm tones or jade-green accents. As it can be visually striking, the Oxidation effect should be applied moderately to create highlights and accentuate impressive art within the space.

Cool and delicate Concrete effect

The Concrete effect is inspired by the intricate patterns found on grey concrete surfaces, reminiscent of the delicate formations of clouds. With the Concrete effect, you’ll notice faint gray-white streaks on the rough surface, creating a feeling of neatness and refinement.

This effect embodies the aesthetic preferences of young individuals with a neutral taste, combining gray and white hues with black and white furniture for an overall cool appearance.

Gray flooring with subtle patterns creates a sense of luxury and depth in the space at Citadines Hạ Long | Source: Kiến Thạch

The concrete effect is achieved by overlaying multiple layers of dark and light-colored patterns resembling rattan onto the plaster material. While the surface may appear textured, it’s actually smooth to the touch. In fact, you’ll notice a distinct smoothness and coolness when feeling the paint. This effect seamlessly integrates into the background, imparting a realistic feel.

Thanks to the current Industrial architectural trend, the concrete effect is becoming more popular in cafes. Concrete painted with a minimalist touch will serve as the perfect backdrop for your artistic interior creations.

Floor Effect Ensures Smooth And Cool Flooring

The flooring should maintain a moderate level of minimalism to evoke a sense of comfort for residents upon entering. Often underestimated, floor paint has a subtle yet significant impact on how we perceive a space.

Floor effect paint typically features subtle textures and light, neutral colors. The interplay of smoke patterns and light gray and white tones evokes a refreshing and soothing atmosphere. Using floor paint can also enhance the sense of space, creating a brighter overall appearance.

Contractor Kiến Thạch Created Contemporary Art Works You’ve Heard Of

Since its founding in 2013, Kiến Thạch has completed numerous projects across provinces and cities nationwide, marking a decade of notable growth in the Vietnamese market.

MCM Fashion Store | Source: Kiến Thạch

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for creativity, Kiến Thạch brings a touch of European architectural painting techniques to every project, transforming them into true masterpieces. With a team of skilled construction professionals, Kiến Thạch has successfully completed numerous large-scale projects including the Landmark 81 Tower, Metropole Thu Thiem, Zannier Hotel Bai San Ho, HERMES, UNIOS,...

In addition, Kiến Thạch takes great pride in the trust placed in them by prominent contractors such as Coteccons, Boho Decor, Unique Design, AAH, KingsMen, Sieu Chung Ky, David Nguyen, and numerous other customers across the country.

With extensive experience, Kiến Thạch provides effect paint solutions for many types of aesthetics such as:

  • Retro & Vintage
  • Neoclassical
  • Indochine
  • Minimalism
  • Modern
  • Tropical

The emergence of contemporary architectural design trends has sparked a burgeoning fascination with elevating the visual allure of structures. If you have a specific style preference, Kiến Thạch can offer guidance on the quality of imported paints and provide reasonable warranty policies. With this assurance, you can confidently proceed with constructing a home that showcases your individual sense of style.