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Apr 06, 2024

How Does Decorative Finish Paint Enhance Living Spaces?

If paint color is the “clothing” of a building, then decorative finish serves as its elegant and dynamic “ensemble,” adorned with a diverse array of colors, textures, patterns, and special effects.
How Does Decorative Finish Paint Enhance Living Spaces?

Zannier Hotel Phu Yen | Source: Kien Thach

The captivating charm of Zannier Hotel Phu Yen, the elegant blend of minimalism and contemporary design at Landmark 81 Tower, and the elegance radiating from Hermès Union Square stand as architectural wonders. Each offers a unique take on luxury, unified by the craftsmanship of decorative painting by the contractor Kien Thach.

Hermès Union Square, Distric 1, HCMC | Source: Kien Thach

Specializing in imported Italian decorative painting techniques to the forefront, Kien Thach elevates both the interior and exterior of these landmarks with unmatched artistry.

The richness of the hues, the dynamic effects, and the tactile experiences left by these finishes mesmerize visitors and leave a lasting impression of sophistication and beauty.

Vinpearl Luxury LANDMARK 81 | Source: Kien Thach

What is a decorative finish?

Decorative finish refers to water-based paint that incorporates patterns or creates textures on the final surface. It is enhanced with lighting to elevate the beauty of a space. Highlighted lines of decorative finishes include Metallics, Caravaggio, Swahili, Ironic, and Marmur, among others.

If walls are the “clothes” of a house, then standard paint merely covers your home in a plain, monotonous layer without any focal points. Conversely, decorative finishes offer a palette of textures and unique patterns, such as cloud, concrete, or rust effects.

Le Récit Boutique Hôtel De Dalat | Source: Kien Thach

This “fabric” can also be tailored to fit various trims, corners, and curved surfaces, thus crafting a unique and sophisticated “outfit” for the architectural space.

Beyond aesthetic appeal, decorative finishes or paints are durable, resistant to wear, and adhere well. Hence, this technique is also applied to surface protection products.

Furthermore, surfaces treated with decorative finishes are often coated with a gloss layer, simplifying the cleaning process for any wall stains.

Therefore, decorative paint stands as a top choice in interior and exterior finishes, employed by renowned architects for classic European architectural projects as well as several significant buildings globally.

Decorative paint stands as a top choice in interior and exterior finishes | Souce: Kien Thach / A villa project in Yen Bai

Kien Thach - Leading Contractor in Decorative Finish Application

Decorative finishes have become a popular method for adding uniqueness to architectural spaces. Yet, this approach was nearly unheard of in Vietnam over a decade ago, a gap that Kien Thach aimed to fill.

Rewinding to the beginning of 2007, the founder of Kien Thach, Tran Duc Minh, decided to leave his career in California (USA) to start a business in Vietnam. With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, he established Kien Thach with the mission to create more luxurious, refined, and upscale living spaces and elevate his clients’ homes.

Metropole Thu Thiem, HCMC | Source: Kien Thach

Minh initially adopted simple but effective techniques to modernize and add a touch of luxury to residential finishes, making them more appealing to customers. Gradually, he discovered a line of high-quality decorative finishes from Italy for both interiors and exteriors, offering a variety of colors while meeting clients’ increasingly sophisticated tastes.

Today, Kien Thach has amassed over a decade of experience completing a wide array of projects, including homes, villas, and larger constructions. Under Kien Thach’s expertise, each project transforms into a distinctive piece, showcasing European architectural flair through decorative finishes.

What has built Kien Thach’s reputation over the past decade goes beyond just its products. The company ensures that every project, regardless of proximity, undergoes rigorous supervision and management.

This meticulous approach guarantees that all completed projects adhere to the highest quality standards, consistently achieving customer satisfaction. Throughout the handover and inspection phases, the technical team is always on hand to provide detailed guidance and resolve any project queries.

The experienced, highly skilled, and dedicated execution team forms the cornerstone of Kien Thach’s offering to its clients and embodies the company’s most cherished values.