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Nov 06, 2023

Empowering Global Minds: How Finest Future Reshapes International Education

Finest Future is committed to making Finland a leading choice for studying and assisting individuals in achieving their finest future in one of the world’s happiest and cleanest countries.
Empowering Global Minds: How Finest Future Reshapes International Education

Finest Future’s Amazing Race Finland x Vietnam event in Ho Chi Minh City. | Source: Finest Future

Are you a student with big dreams of studying abroad? You’re not alone. Many students, including those from Vietnam, dream of experiencing new cultures and pursuing world-class education. But the road to studying abroad can be filled with challenges - from complex application processes to language barriers and more. That’s where Finest Future steps in, offering solutions to make your dreams a reality.

In 2020, a team of enthusiastic and veteran entrepreneurs from Finland and Vietnam came together with a fantastic idea — create connectivity. Their goal was to enhance the experience of studying in another country, making it more accessible and enjoyable. This visionary organization set out to change the way people go to school in different places. As they did that, they also made things more interesting for students. They’ve added some fun and new experiences to the journey. So, whether you’re interested in learning, starting a business, or having a good time, Finest Future is here to provide support and guidance.

(L-R) Finest Future’s team: co-founder Tuomas Tiilikainen, chairman and co-founder Peter Vesterbacka, and co-founder Bambi Dang | Source: Finest Future

How ‘Finest Future’ makes education better

Finest Future, an international educational organization from Finland, has a commendable mission that revolves around “nurturing generations” through education. They’ve garnered support from both the governments of Finland and Vietnam.

What makes them stand out is their commitment to significantly empowering opportunities for young students worldwide, regardless of their backgrounds or nationalities, who are dedicated to education, research, innovation, creativity, and well-being. They achieve this by connecting Finnish education with young individuals across the globe, providing chances to study abroad, experience life in Finland, and nurturing a global development mindset.

At present, they’ve forged partnerships with nearly a hundred high schools and numerous vocational colleges throughout Finland. Their primary aim is to ensure that students have access to quality education without the burden of long commutes or transportation costs. The best school in Finland is the one closest to where you live.

Amazing Race Finland x Vietnam event | Source: Finest Future

For Vietnamese students studying in Finland, the benefits are substantial. Language proficiency in both Finnish and English opens doors to various job opportunities, and Finland’s culture of entrepreneurship has allowed some Vietnamese students to establish their businesses successfully. Finest Future serves as a bridge to these exciting prospects, making studying abroad an achievable dream.

Anna Nguyen Anh Thy is a Vietnamese student studying in Finland through Finest Future. | Source: Finest Future

As part of Finest Future’s efforts, they recently hosted a special event, “Amazing Race Finland x Vietnam,” in Ho Chi Minh City. This non-profit event combined a screening of the popular TV show Amazing Race Suomi (The Amazing Race Finland) with a press conference featuring the Red Team, a group from this season’s show. Special guests included Miss Universe Vietnam 2017 H’Hen Niê and MC Khánh Vy. The event took place at the New World Hotel Saigon. It featured Peter Vesterbacka, Chairman and Co-Founder of Finest Future, along with the other co-founders, Bambi Dang and Tuomas Tiilikainen. Anna Nguyen Anh Thy, a Vietnamese student studying in Finland through Finest Future, was also present. The event was a big success, with over 450 guests attending, exceeding the organizers’ expectations of 300 attendees and showing great interest in studying abroad in Finland.

What’s it like to study in the ‘World’s Happiest Nation’

International students in Finland | Source: Finest Future

When it comes to the global stage of education, Finland stands tall as an attraction like no other. What makes it so enticing? Well, picture this: free tuition fees from primary schools, high schools, and vocational schools to university degrees, masters, and PhDs, living costs that won’t break the bank, and a dash of unique start-up experiences as the country encourages business start-up regardless of age.

Finland boasts a remarkable education system with unique strengths. The “Land of a Thousand Lakes” also wears the crown of being the happiest nation globally, with a standard of living that’s truly top-notch. It’s a country known for equality and freedom in school and society. Moreover, Finland is one of the safest and greenest countries in the world for parents to send their children, ensuring peace of mind while they pursue their education.

When it comes to education, Finnish schools provide an equal quality regardless of their size or location. Unlike school ranking lists in other countries, the best schools in Finland are often the closest ones, ensuring that students study with master-certificated teachers using innovative teaching methods.

The high school program in Finland is entirely tuition-free and flexible, spanning from 2 to 4 years with 150 credits. After completing it, students can pursue world-renowned higher education or enroll in a high school that provides a direct pathway to a partner university. Following graduation, students can pursue permanent residency and even become Finnish citizens. All these perks come with the added advantage of having two official languages, Finnish and Swedish, which opens up even more student opportunities.

Shaping the ‘Finest Future’

Finest Future's send-off event in July for Vietnamese students heading to Finland. | Source: Finest Future

Looking ahead, Finest Future envisions making Finland the world’s premier study destination. They are committed to revolutionizing education systems in developing countries, starting with the incubation of young talents, entrepreneurs, and leaders. Their mission is to empower international-minded individuals to create their own Finest Future in Finland.

In assessing students’ self-discipline and self-learning abilities, Finest Future employs innovative tools and methods, all aimed at improving their learning journey. The program’s success relies on students’ determination and effort right from the start. It’s safe to say that the work Finest Future is undertaking to transform the educational landscape bodes well for a brighter future.

Aspiring international students, if you’d like to know more, here’s how you can reach out to Finest Future:
Email: hello@finestfuture.org
Tel: +84 96 622 34 80