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Feb 20, 2024
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Exploring The Latest Content Trends With PodCourse

There are increasingly diverse ways for us to learn something new and beneficial for ourselves.
Exploring The Latest Content Trends With PodCourse

Source: Fonos

Fonos x Vietcetera.

Curious minds, meet PodCourse – the innovative fusion of Podcast and Online Courses. But first, what exactly is PodCourse?

PodCourse is a unique content format that seamlessly integrates Podcast and Online Course elements. So, what sets it apart? Well, PodCourse allows you to enjoy the convenience of podcast-style listening anywhere, anytime. At the same time, it delivers specialized information and knowledge on specific topics, catering to your interests. In a nutshell, PodCourse is your go-to for a dynamic blend of learning and listening experiences.

In summary, PodCourse will not bring the overly “serious” feel of a regular course but still ensures practicality, offering insights and even bonus lessons drawn from the personal experiences of the sharer.

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The growth of audio content is undeniable. According to Statista, in 2006, only 22% of adults in the US were aware of podcasts. But by 2022, this number had risen to 79%. In 2021, 82 million Americans listened to podcasts, and it is projected to exceed 100 million in 2024. Alongside this, the demand for various audio content types is also increasing.

85% of Fonos users actively engage in self-development and educational content on a daily basis | Source: Fonos.

With the development of podcasts, people have started combining podcasts and online courses to create “PodCourse.” This form is becoming increasingly popular. As of now, there is no official definition of PodCourse. The term emerged based on the innovation of digital content creators. When a podcast channel is labeled “podcourse,” it can be understood as an “educational podcast” channel, providing knowledge for learning and immediate application shared by experts in the field.

Many people enjoy listening to podcasts while multitasking, wanting something to listen to while doing household chores, or utilizing idle time while waiting or commuting without the need for too much thought. However, there are also those who genuinely want to absorb new knowledge through specialized podcast channels.

Some may doubt the effectiveness of learning through listening, fearing that the information might slip away after listening. In reality, the human ears are highly sensitive to sound. While the eyes can distinguish motion at a speed of 24 frames per second, the ears can discern motion with accuracy up to 20,000 times per second.

Podcasts are popular for their personalized nature and high connection, making them the platform for content developers to introduce PodCourse. Connection through sound when we are fully focused brings positive results. Online learning is no longer confined to sitting in one place looking at a computer or TV screen. This is why there is an emergence of podcast channels designed and structured like a course.

In Vietnam, Who Creates PodCourse?

In Vietnam, the presence of PodCourse is still relatively limited. Recently, Fonos - the Audiobook & Personal Development app for Vietnamese people - has introduced a new content category called PodCourse. Each PodCourse is led and shared by a mentor who is an expert/successful individual/professional in that field.

Podcourse Handling Media Crisis by Mr. Le Quoc Vinh - Founder of Beauty Magazine, TTVH & Men's, Entrepreneur...

Each PodCourse delves into a central theme, avoiding generalities so that listeners can extract practical insights and tips for themselves. The most important goal is that people can apply this knowledge immediately to their lives and work.

Devote just 10 minutes each day to personal development with over 13,000 audiobooks, ebooks, English content, and Podcourse available on the Fonos app. Learn from the best and become the best version of yourself | Source: Fonos

In terms of format, a PodCourse is divided into many episodes, with a total duration of the course ranging from 2 to 3 hours. You can choose to watch or listen, similar to listening to a podcast episode.

True to the podcast spirit, the mentor does not lecture but appears as an experienced practitioner. They share with the intention of passing on what they know.

Podcourse Entrepreneurship in Vietnam by Mr. Oscar Jesionek - Co-founder & CEO of the Fonos app, shares his experience of idea exploration and, testing, and product development.

Understanding the comprehensive development needs of today's youth, Fonos has collaborated with many mentors in various fields such as media, psychology, TikTok channel content creation, business, management, mental and physical health, etc. The first courses introduced:

  • Handling Media Crisis by the “Wizard” of Communication Le Quoc Vinh - Founder of Beauty Magazine.
  • Helping Youth Face Loss by Psychology Expert Vu Phi Yen.
  • Optimizing Performance & Health for Busy Individuals by Coach Bui Tin.
  • TikTok: Secrets of Channel Development from Insiders by TikTok Consulting Expert Thoa Vu and Creator Long Chun.
  • Entrepreneurship in Vietnam by Fonos Co-founder Oscar Jesionek.
Ms. Xuan Nguyen, COO of Fonos, shares: “The goal of Podcourse is to expand Fonos's lifelong learning ecosystem, meeting the increasing demand for knowledge and personal development. I hope Podcourse will be a new trend, helping people access many interesting and useful things in life.” | Source: Fonos.

Seize this new PodCourse trend to choose the most suitable courses for yourself with Fonos today and explore more about diverse and quality educational content. Join Fonos PodCourse to develop personally and deeply in 2024!