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Happiness in Your Face - Happiness Saigon Unmasks Smiles in Vietnam

Source: Happiness Saigon


Creative thinking has become a huge differentiator between businesses as clients are starting to rely more on their creative partners for briefings beyond making ads. As an award-winning creative connectivity agency, Happiness Saigon is widely known for their mission to help brands generate business through spreading happiness. With offices in Saigon, Vietnam, and Brussels, Belgium, the multicultural and multi talented team at Happiness has won numerous awards, including a Cannes Lions Grand Prix, and have worked on some of Vietnam’s most awarded creative ideas including UNICEF #NoFilter. 

Happiness Saigon strongly believes in the power happiness has in fueling creativity and humanity. In their efforts to bridge the gap between commercial and creative thinkers, the creative agency is launching the “Happiness in You Face” initiative on World Smile Day (October 2nd) to put the smiles back onto people’s faces in support of UNICEF and to promote good health during COVID-19. 

An unfortunate side effect of donning masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is that it hides our smiles. As we adjust to living in this ‘new normal,’ smiling is something we could all use a lot more of. We should not neglect the importance of smiling to keep us healthy. Or the importance of seeing others smile. 

According to a study by Dr.Murray Grossan, a Los Angeles-based ENT-otolaryngologist, smiling not only lifts our spirits, but also lowers our stress and boosts our immune system, which is now more crucial than ever. 

So how can we get our smiles back now that they’re covered by a mask? 

Happiness Saigon has created a novel approach to the problem in Vietnam with the “Happiness in Your Face” project. This specially-designed website will allow you to print your brightest smile on a mask and have it delivered right to your door with all proceeds being donated to UNICEF. The mask costs only 50,000 VND (USD$2.17) with printing and shipping included. 

Source: Happiness Saigon

“As science has shown, a smile is something we can’t live without,” said Alan Cerutti, co-founder and CEO of Happiness Saigon. “We’re glad that we can do our part to reveal people’s smiles again, while observing the healthy habits that keep us all safe.” Inquiries: [email protected]

Website: www.happiness-saigon.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/happinesssaigon



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