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Jul 06, 2024

How to Be Kind Under Societal Pressures?

According to People's Artist Bạch Tuyết, young people must actively learn and renew themselves to understand their values and avoid deterioration.
How to Be Kind Under Societal Pressures?

Source: Bobby Vũ for Vietcetera

In episode 25 of EduStation, director and screenwriter Nguyễn Thị Minh Ngọc highlighted that Cai Luong, plays, and other performing arts closely reflect our lives. People's Artist Bạch Tuyết, who previously appeared in episode 6 of the show, reaffirmed this viewpoint.

In the latest episode of Edustation, Bạch Tuyết shared life philosophies from the perspective of a traditional artist. At nearly 80 years old, she emphasized the importance of continuous learning to avoid being left behind.

She also encouraged maintaining an optimistic and realistic outlook in every situation, stressing that living a decent life begins with honesty.

We achieve nothing alone

After each performance, Mrs. Bạch Tuyết and her cast receive many words of appreciation from the audience. In return, the artists are also grateful to the audience. Without their support, the artists couldn’t have succeeded.

Mutual gratitude is a fundamental rule in all aspects of life and interpersonal relationships. Therefore, Bạch Tuyết believes we should not overestimate ourselves, as we achieve nothing without the people around us.

Even with young students, Bạch Tuyết does not consider herself their "teacher" in a traditional sense. She believes they bring new perspectives to her, and she must learn how to guide them from the beginning. She sees herself as someone who helps unlock their potential rather than someone who "grants" them abilities.

Source: Bobby Vũ for Vietcetera

She also stated that while we should eliminate evil, we must remember that without evil, there would be no angels. Similarly, without making mistakes, we cannot learn what is right. Everything happens for a reason, and while we can not be "grateful" for evil, we can view negative experiences from a different perspective.

Renew yourself or be left behind

Regardless of age or experience, we must continuously learn and renew ourselves to keep pace with a constantly changing world. Cai Luong itself is an example of this adaptability.

During Vietnam's colonial period, revolutionaries risked arrest and execution if they opposed French authorities. To preserve theatrical arts, our ancestors adapted Cai Luong from Cheo and Tuong, performing in French-built theaters with anti-realistic content to avoid bans and arrests.

Bạch Tuyết once took a break from her Cai Luong career to further her education, eventually earning a master's and doctoral degree. In her graduation thesis on the adaptation of traditional national theater arts in Southeast Asia, she concluded that while the audience came to the stage in the 20th century, the stage must come to the audience in the 21st century.

Therefore, combining Cai Luong with newer music genres like rap is a necessary change to attract today's young audience. According to her, Vè is essentially a form of rap (rhythm and poetry). This fusion is also part of her Cai Luong Academy program.

Source: Bobby Vũ for Vietcetera

Similarly, if we don't renew ourselves when needed, we will stagnate while others constantly evolve. However, change must be gradual and based on thorough research and consideration.

How can young people remain kind under societal pressure?

After many years in theater and living in various places, Bạch Tuyết concluded that honesty is the only way to live decently. But how can young people remain kind when they lack life experience and face immense societal pressure in an increasingly competitive world?

According to her, young people must actively learn to understand what they want and the values they wish to pursue to avoid being deteriorated by these pressures. Once they understand their purpose and can design their lives accordingly, they won't be swayed by social comparisons.

For instance, seeing others with high-paying jobs won't induce FOMO if one aims for a more balanced life. It's not their goal.

Bạch Tuyết also believes that life is inherently uncertain, and no two days are alike. By understanding this, we can be prepared for any issue and appreciate small moments of happiness in life.

However, we shouldn't blame those who have deteriorated or hold a negative attitude towards life. They may have grown up in unfortunate circumstances or faced terrible situations that altered their worldview. Each of us has our own "black hole." Instead of trying to "fix" others, we should allow them to deal with their own "black holes" and help them as much as we can.

Translated by Thúy An